Dumm, dumm

I got the call tonight, my wedding gown is in!!!!! Chris and I both screamed!! I'm so excited, of course I would love to post pics, but I can't! I'm so excited to go "meet" my dress. Of course I saw it before, but that was the stores dress. The dress I try on it 2 weeks IS my dress and it's brand new!! Soooo excited!


Rings are Almost Done!

Yay! Diane emailed us tonight, my wedding band is completey done, and Chris's is almost done. They were put on a scanner and then scanned in, so the pictures don't do them too much justice. When we go to the cottage next, I believe we will be picking them up.

Here it is:

Chris's Ring:
Now in between each roping on his, it will have a diamond.


Invites are in!

Look what came today:

This is the "mock up" of what they will look like:

So the printing and all begins, wish me luck!!