Mess Free Finger Painting!

Have you checked out Pinterest yet? If not you should. It's like chocolate, it's addicting. Too addicting.

Anyways, the Hippie Housewive shared a pin of mess free finger painting! What a great idea! Seriously, with a one year old who LOVES to paint, but really has no control of what or where she is painting, this is great! It's even great as a learning lesson, to mix colors in older toddlers !

First you put, paint, as many colors as you want in a gallon sized freezer bag, close the bag making sure all the air is out. Place it on the table and surround the bag with tape so it's secure. You can place a piece of paper underneath the bag if you want.

Then let your little one go to town! Kiley is such a serious painter!

Kiley decided she wanted to try using her bracelet to help paint also.

General Mills Cereal and Whole Grains

Did you know that starting this month General Mills has over 50 cereals that their first ingredient is whole grain? Whole grain is super important in a nutrient rich diet. A diet rich in whole grains, can lower body weight, reduce risk of heart disease and cancer.

If a box of General Mills has a white check on the front of the box, it has whole grain as the first ingredient. They also implemented a new side panel, that highlights the grams of whole grain per serving, making it easier to find foods that help you get their recommend amount of whole grain servings per day.

Visit Whole Grain Nation to virtually navigate through grocery store aisles and identify products that have whole grain listed as the first ingredient. You have the chance to win one of each of the 50 cereals with whole grain!

If you would like a coupon for $1.75 off 2 boxes of cereal, leave a comment!

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Love this face!

How could you not?!

Do Less

Margaret, check out her blog here, a friend from a message board showed me this amazing website called Productive Parenting. Everyday it sends you an activity to do with your child. I love it because while Kiley and I something everyday educational and fun, it's always nice to throw in something new.

They sent out an email this morning that really made me think. We all go crazy making so many New Years Resolutions. We can't keep up with them because we make so many, we go crazy trying to make them all work. So just do less this year. Don't make a ton of resolutions!

Worry about what your kids know and not what they can't do. Worry about what you can do and can achieve and not what you can't do or achieve. Worry less about the guilt you feel when you can't get something accomplished because of time. Make less commitments so you have more time to your self and your family.

Make senses, huh?


Review: Purex Triple Action

Recently I was sent Purex Triple Action Laundry Detergent. This is a new and improved formula. It's also have the price of the leading brand. It works with both HE washers and regular washing machines.

I'm always hesitant to use other laundry detergents because in the past I've had problems with itchy skin from using something else then I use regularly. I decided to just do a small load of laundry to see how I liked the detergent, if I felt everything was clean and smelled great.

The Purex Triple Action didn't disappoint. The laundry came out clean and crisp and also smelled just fine! They also have a free and clear detergent that I would love to try out for Kiley's clothing.

Stay tuned in the new few weeks for Purex Triple Action and more information on their new and improved line.

Stay connect with Purex on Facebook and Twitter.

*Purex provided a free sample of the Triple Action Laundry Detergent so I could write a review, however all of the opinions expressed here are my own.*

Happy 2012!

I've been slacking horribly on both of my blogs. With the holidays and all the traveling we have done, I haven't had time to even sit down with the computer and get anything done for my blogs! So hopefully with the new year and not traveling as much, I'll have time to sit down and blog!

Just to check in, things are going good here! Kiley is almost 17 months old already, and she's definitely a toddler. There's no denying that! I'm almost 27 weeks pregnant and can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going!

We had an amazing Christmas with our family and friends. This year was so great to see how excited Kiley was when she opened her gifts.

Stayed tuned as I get back to my regular blogging!