Do Less

Margaret, check out her blog here, a friend from a message board showed me this amazing website called Productive Parenting. Everyday it sends you an activity to do with your child. I love it because while Kiley and I something everyday educational and fun, it's always nice to throw in something new.

They sent out an email this morning that really made me think. We all go crazy making so many New Years Resolutions. We can't keep up with them because we make so many, we go crazy trying to make them all work. So just do less this year. Don't make a ton of resolutions!

Worry about what your kids know and not what they can't do. Worry about what you can do and can achieve and not what you can't do or achieve. Worry less about the guilt you feel when you can't get something accomplished because of time. Make less commitments so you have more time to your self and your family.

Make senses, huh?

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