30 Days of Thanks

Day 23-
A Feeling

Day 24-
A photograph
A Cottage Sunset

Day 25-
A luxury
My feather pillow

Day 26-

A Charity
Day 27-
A Song


30 Days of Thanks

Playing catch up here!
Day 18-
A saying/quote or scripture

Day 19-
A favorite piece of clothing
Nothing like a big comfy hoodie

Day 20-
A Keepsake
Engagement Ring
Day 21-
A disappointment or fear
I'm not sure really what to put here. I guess a disappointment would be that I didn't reach my goal weight in the time I wanted to, but life happens, and I plan to after this baby to get back on track!

Day 22-
A Book
Come on, if you grew up in the 80's and are a girl, there's no way you can't tell me you didn't read some Double Fudge!


30 Days of Thanks

Day 17-
A Store
This is a tie, a 3 way tie. I don't know what I'd do with Wegmans, Kohl's and Target. Seriously these are the best three stores ever. Wegmans because you get everything and anything there, organic, non-organic, lunch, dinner items. Everything!

Kohl's-they have amazing sales, I can always find what I'm looking for.

Target-Do I need to even say anything? It's Target!


30 Days of Thanks

Day 16-
An experience

Giving birth to Kiley, it's a moment I'll never forget. Not one detail about. The whole process, from the start, being in labor for 38 hours and hearing her first cry after she was born.


30 Days of Thanks

Day 15-
A Recipe

It's the best recipe out there for a fall day. Taste so good, so yummy and so comforting!


Big Announcement!

Time for the reveal! Finally after months months of planning, designing, and preparation I can finally share what the big announcement is!

So what is it? It's a collaborative blog, that was started by 12 other amazing ladies and my self! I met these ladies while planing my wedding, on a well known wedding message board. We've all stayed connected from the time we were engaged and till now, 3 years after our marriages. There is a group of about 25 of us or so that still all talk to each other, at least once a day, if not more, via social networking/email/phone calls/text! Anyways, 13 of us decided we wanted to start a blog, since most of are bloggers anyway, we though creating a collaborative blog, where women came come and read and relate to our personal lives would be awesome. So we started it and today it launches! The first week you'll be meeting each of our bloggers and then stayed tuned next week for our blog post to really begin!

I'm super excited and hope you become a fan!
Follow us on twitter: WivesUnscripted
Follow us on Facebook: Wives Unscripted

And yes, I will still continue to blog here and my food blog!


30 Days of Thanks

Day 12-
A gadget

The Diaper Genie

Let's face it, poopy diapers STINK. Really bad, especially after a few days. This thing is a must have! Once you change that stinky poopy diaper, that smell is GONE forever, thanks to this gadget!!!


30 Days of Thanks

30 Days Of Thanks
Day 13 & 14

Day 13-
Something Old

Hair ties! Seriously, they are SOO easy to throw your hair back when you have a little one and even when you don't! How can you NOT be thankful for these?!

Day 14-
Something New
A Keruig. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I do love sweet hot drinks, like tea, cappuccino's, and hot apple cider. But I love it because my husband is an avid coffee drinker, which means I got to dump the coffee pot, dump the coffee grounds, etc. and I used to HATE have to do any of that, it's awesome!!

30 Days of Thanks

Day 11-
A Tradition
Christmas Eve Candle Light Service at my church, I know I don't post at all about religion on my blog, but this service at church is super important to me. Every year, my Nana and I would go to this service. There's just something about being in church with only candles lit and celebrating the Christmas Season. My grandmother passed away in June of 2010, and unfortunately last year we were unable to make it to the service and I was pretty crushed. I feel this is something I need to do every year to celebrate her and something she loved to do.

Also, today we all should be thankful for our Veteran's and all they have done for us.


Cinnabon, Yummy!

Cinnabon is looking for ways to warm the hearts of others this holiday season and needs your help to Spread the Warmth through its Random 'Packs' of Kindness contest.

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For more contest rules and information on how you can help Spread the Warmth, visit the Cinnabon Facebook page.

This was provided by Cinnabon and General Mills through Pssst...

30 Days of Thanks

Day 10-A Time of Day
Disclaimer: I don't want anyone to think that I don't want to spend time with my daughter or that I can't wait for her to take a nap.
My favorite time of day is about 2:30 in the afternoon. It's when Kiley takes a nap everyday and it's my chance to just hang out, watch my DVR, clean house, snuggle with the pug and get blog post ready. It's my zen time.


30 Days of Thanks

Day 9-
A Blog

Designer Wife, otherwise I wouldn't of even thought to do this little blog project for the month. I also have to be super grateful for my own blogs cause it's allowed me to meet some awesome food bloggers! Like Nutmeg Nanny, Emily Malloy and My Life on a Plate.


30 Days of Thanks

Day 8-

A restaurant

Mmm, broccoli cheddar soup!


30 Days of Thanks

Day 7-
A Scent
Love this, nothing remind me more of home, then this scent !


30 Days of Thanks

Day 6-
A pair of shoes
If you know me well, you know I live in flip flops, year round. They are the best shoe ever. So easy to put on and so comfy!


30 Days of Thanks

Day 5-A Place-
Good old B-town, USA, It's were I was born and raised, no matter how tiny, it will always be my number one place, the place I always want to go back too!


30 Days of Thanks

Day 4- A favorite snack

Honeycrisp Apple, even though I need to bake them before I eat one, because of fruit allergy, they are still so juicy and the best apple!


30 Days of Thanks

Since we are in the month of November, my friend and fellow blogger Lindsay at Designer Wife had a great idea of sharing for 30 days what she is thankful for.

She's inviting any blogger who wants to participate to do so!
Check out her blog for the prompts and details!

So I need to play catch up here, so here are my first 3 thankful things!

1. A Person- My amazing husband of course!

Without him, I wouldn't have such an amazing life, with an awesome little one year old and another one of the way!

2. An Animal
Puggie, my 9 year old pug. She's my BFF. Love her to pieces.

3. A cozy place in your home
This one I don't have one particular picture for, our whole house is cozy and I simply couldn't post every single picture of our home!