Our First Dance Song

We wanted something totally different for our first dance song. We had a lot of current choices we liked, but one night I searched and searched and found this amazing song. It's a tear jerker!!



Now that they are out, I can post them here! I made this all by myself, from scratch. It was a lot of hard work, cutting everything to size, but I saved about $500.00 doing them my self! The most stressful part was last Tuesday when my mom and I were stuffing them, we noticed that I was 36 short, yes 36. I don't know how I miscalculated that much, but I did. So Wednesday I went to Micheal's and bought all the paper to make more! But they are OUT!!

Where have I been?

We've been SUPER busy with wedding plans. Last week was nuts! We had our 60 day meeting, invitations went out, we had our engagement shoot session in Philadelphia(those proofs should be up by Weds), we picked out the boys tuxes and we picked up our wedding bands! Well mine at least, Chris's isn't totally done yet!! I love mine!! I've been wearing it here and there, it's so hard to have a ring with 5 diamonds in it and not where it, I mean don't you agree? I'll post pics soon!! The invites are done, and I am SO glad!