Business Cards!

My business cards I designed came in! I'm super excited that now I can finally get the word out!

Here is the front:

Movie Monday

This Monday we watched, 88 minutes. One of knottie friends, Geo aka Kim, told me it was really good, so we rented it. Free, of course from Red Box. Watch this, it's good!

Short Synopsis:
Dr. Jack Gramm (Al Pacino) is a renowned forensic psychiatrist and college professor who works with the FBI profiling serial killers. One of his famous trials in which he gave expert testimony was the case of Jon Forster (Neal McDonough) aka "The Seattle Slasher". Jon Forster believed that he was sentenced to death based primarily on Gramms manipulated testimony against him to the jury. The day before Forster is scheduled to be executed; one of Gramms students is killed in Seattle in a "Modus-Operandi" that matches that of the "Seattle Slasher". If the "Seattle Slasher" is still killing women, then Forster must be an innocent man. Gramm believes that this murder is the work of a copycat killer, and he sets out to prove it. When the news hits all the TV channels, Forster asks for a stay of execution. In the meantime, Gramm receives a threatening phone call that tells him that he has only 88 minutes to live. Then another dead woman is discovered who was also killed by the same "MO". Gramm must solve the case before his time (88 minutes) runs out, "TICK TOCK, TICK TOCK".


5k Training

So before the holidays I was doing super good with running 3-5 times a week. I was able to run about 1.5 miles before having to stop for a little while and then restart. But with the holidays, the weather, etc, I stopped running. Well I decided that I would like to run in the PF Chang's Half Marathon next January in Phoenix, AZ. Crazy, I know it sounds, me, a runner? But yep, I actually love running. It's so funny to hear my self say that, because I used to dread running the mile in junior and high school. So for the next 8 weeks I'm training for a 5k. A 5k is 3.1 miles for those who don't know, so it's not far at all. I already signed up for one on March 22. Exactly 8 weeks. The one thing I found weird about running, is that you have to pay for events. So because I payed I know I will stay motivated. After I complete the first 5k I will probably run a few more over the spring time, before I start training for a 10k race. A 10k is about 6.2 miles and a half marathon is 13.6. Hopefully I'll be able to run the half marathon in January. Of course that all depends on we we start TTC'ing as well. So for now my focus is on the 5k! Today I had my first training session and it went pretty well and fairly easy.



I stole this from a blogger, who stole this from another blogger who stole it from the first blogger. Get it? It's ok if you don't!

1 minute ago - I was giving the pug a treat.
1 hour ago -I was walking the pug with Chris.
1 day ago -I was home playing guitar hero.
1 month ago - I was celebrating Christmas.
1 year ago… I was planning a wedding.
1 decade ago - I was in high school.
2 decade ago… I was 7 and just being a kid, I'm sure.

5 minutes ago - I was talking to Jackie on IM.
5 days ago - I was flying home from Phoenix, AZ.
5 months ago - I was running around like a crazy bride trying to get things done for our wedding.
5 years ago -I just was starting the year that I would meet my amazing husband!


Phoenix and The Birds!

Arizona is so pretty! We stayed in Scottsdale and it's absolutely beautiful. If you ever have been to the Bahamas it really reminds you of that. It's so pretty. Our hotel was AMAZING. We had a HUGE king size bedroom. We definitely got a deal with using price line and staying in this hotel. Besides the Eagles losing the NFC Championship game we still had a great time.

When we left Saturday we got to the airport and were suppose to have a 3 hour wait till our flight left. Well Chris always likes to check in with the airline people at their little desk before we leave and they told us that a flight was actually leaving in like 5 minutes and it was just about empty and we could get on it, so we did! That means we got to Dallas, where our layover was 3 hours earlier. Once we got to Dallas, we got put on standby for an earlier flight to Phoneix, instead of the one we already had at 8:30. Well when it was time to board the flight, it didn't seem like we were gonna get on it, because it was packed. But low and behold they called our names, but we weren't sitting together. While we were boarding there was a lady in front of us and I saw her seat number and it was next to mine, so Chris asked her if she would mind switching and she did! So awesome, so we got to Phoenix way earlier. We were going to head to the Upper Deck Sports Grill to the pep rally, but once we got the car and got to the hotel and checked in, it was about 11, so we decided to go to bed since we had to get up at 7 am on Sunday for the game.

So Sunday comes and we were both up at 6:00 am and couldn't sleep, so we got ready for the game, called the concierge for a taxi and it took us to the Upper Deck Sports Bar for 3 hours of tailgating before we left for the game. The Upper Deck is totally an ALL Eagles bar in Phoenix, it's crazy how many people are Eagles fans down there. Many are people who transplanted there, but it's still awesome. So we got drinks and food. About 10:30 we started boarding the coach buses that would take us to the stadium. It was awesome not having to drive. Well, we all know the outcome of the game, but it still was an awesome time. There were so many Eagles fans there and especially in our section and the one next to ours. The Cards fans were pretty nice, besides one guy who just randomly pushed me for no reason. They actually said that they were surprised at how many Cards fans were there, because everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. They said usually their stadium is about half Cards fans and half the other teams. Anyways, at least we had something to cheer for, seriously till the last second of the game. We all really thought they were going to make a comeback, which they did, but our defense couldn't make a stop. I'm not even going to get started on our defense, besides the fact we have the 3rd ranked defense in the NFL, but allowed 24 points in one half. The bus ride back was pretty quiet, although mostly everyone said they weren't that upset with the outcome. All we really need is a number one receiver for McNabb. After the game we went back to the bar and had some more drinks, then we were both in the mood for some Mexican food. We asked the bartender were to go and he told us there was this authentic Mexican restaurant called Frank and Lupe's right around the corner, and it was seriously the best Mexican food we both had ever had.

On Monday, we did some site seeing. We wanted to go to Sedona and the Grand Canyon, but we didn't have enough time because we were meeting up with our friend Chad, who lives in Phoenix for dinner that night. We did go to the Desert Botanical Gardens and we climbed halfway up some random mountain. Then we went to the restaurant called the Salty Senorita and I got this awesome taco salad and Chris got chicken tacos. After that we did some shopping and took a trolley ride threw Old Town Scottsdale. Then we met up with Chad for dinner, after dinner we dropped Chad off and then got a root beer float and a dutch chocolate milkshake at this awesome place called the Sugarbowl.

Tuesday, we got up early and headed to the airport and left the 80 degree temps and back to the teens. It's nice there too because when it's 80 here it's so humid usually, but in AZ in 80 but breezy and it doesn't feel as hot as the temperature tells you it is.

There is nothing better though then being able to walk around in tank tops and flip flops in the middle of January! Although I wouldn't want to live in Arizona because I like having the 4 seasons, we definitely will go back!


Going Away?

Use priceline!! Seriously! They have this awesome thing called name your price for hotels. I believe they even have it for flights and car rentals. Chris and I used this for Boston, we are going there in Feburary for his birthday. For that we got a hotel room for the weekend for $80.00 dollars a night and it's usually $120. For this weekend, going to Phoniex we got what would be normally $200.00, we got that room for $79.00 a night! How it works, is you start with a price whatever you would like, sometimes they accept it, if not you have to put in more, until they accpet it! It's awesome check it out if you are going away anytime soon!


Do you like soda?

Over on Ashley's Getting Fit blog she posted this last night. I don't drink soda really at all ever. Maybe once in awhile I will have some. Ashley posted a great allternative to drinking soda, both regular and diet. I tried it and it's actually really good. It is as simple as just adding fruit juice or even freshly squeezed fruit to sparkling water! Try it today!


The Big Suprise!

Ok, I promised I would tell everyone by the end of the weekend what our surprise would be, and we are finally done with most of the planning part of the surprise and ready to share! I'm super excited about this and have been working very hard on this.

During the wedding planning process, I totally fell in love with the planning, making and everything else basically that comes along with planning a wedding. After we got back from the wedding and Hawaii, I missed the whole planning process. So I decided to start selling unity candles and memorial candles on e-bay and it became successful. So after much consideration, thinking and planning, with the help of Chris, I decided to start my own wedding planning business full time. Does this mean I will never go back to teaching? No, but for now this is my focus until the next school year begins. Right now it's starting out small. Besides the wedding projects part there is also another part to the business. I am also going to provide wedding day treats and snacks. I plan to go full force in a couple months once I complete some courses in event planning. At that point I will do actual wedding planning for brides. But for now, without further introduction, we introduce to you:

Check out our website at:
Jessica's Wedding Creations

Please spread the word with anyone you may know who is getting married!!


Right after the Eagles game, my AMAZING husband got us tickets for the NFC Championship game in Phoenix, AZ this coming Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Big News!!

So Exciting!!!! But we aren't ready to share yet! And NO we are NOT having a baby!! We hope to be able to share it by this weekend!!!

So True

One of my friends posted this on a message board that I frequent and it's so true for after the holidays, check this site out:



Movie Night

Our Movie Thursday's have changed to Movie Monday's one because there is so much on TV on Monday nights that we just DVR it all and watch later and because of this guy:

It's called Redbox and it is at most grocery stores. You rent DVD's for just a buck a night. You can have them till 9pm the next night. But the point of this, is that for some reason every Monday I've been getting codes for a free rental, so we have been taking advantage of it.

Last night movie we watched:

It was a really good action movie. It stars Cuba Gooding Jr, he plays the role of Michael Dixon. He is a seasoned agent working linewatch on the US/Mexico Border. Well respected by his peers at US Border Patrol, and well loved by his family (wife Angela and 5 year old daughter Emily), Michael's world is suddenly threatened by secrets from his past. Michael was not always the respectable family man he now has become - he was a vicious Los Angeles gang member who turned his back on the gang and his own brutal ways. But no one can quit the gang, so when a chance encounter leads the gang to Michael in New Mexico, Michael is forced to find a way to protect his family, even if it means helping the psychotic gang leader Drake smuggle a truckload of drugs across the border.

It's a good movie, check it out!


Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe new years eve! We spent our time at our friend's house in South Philadelphia at her loft. She is only about 5 blocks from Penn's Landing, so we were able to watch the ball drop and also see the fireworks at Penn's Landing!

I decided this year I'm not going to make any new years resolutions tihs years, because do we ever stick to them, nope! So I'm just going to repost my 101 things to do in 1001 days because that is really the things I want to do in the next 1001 days!
Items in italics are in progress, items slashed through are complete!

1. Have 15 date nights with hubby(1/15).
2. Play guitar hero/rock band to find out why everyone is addicted to it.
3. Splurge on dinner at Capital Grille and a movie.
4. Have 4 girls’ night outs.
5. Call my friends at least every two weeks for 4 months.
6. Have friends over for a cocktail party.
7. Visit my grandmother at least 2 times a month for 6 months.
8. Create & send out birthday cards every month (0/12)
9. Go through old toys/dolls and donate unwanted ones to Children’s hospital or other charity.
10. Visit an animal shelter and help out .
11. Visit CHOP and read to children that are there.
12. Volunteer - anywhere.
13. Donate to a food shelter once a month for 6 months.
14. Collect items throughout year for Toys for Tots.
15. Complete a 5k .
16. Complete a 10k.
17. Forgive someone.
18. Write a letter to a loved one at least once a month for six months.
19. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.
20. Give someone a sincere compliment at least once a week for a month.
21. Bake something for a bake good sale at least four times.
22. Complete the Ben Franklin Bridge Run.
23. No sweets for two weeks.
24. Make sure all products in shower are organic/natural.
25. Try a yoga/Pilate's class.
26. Go vegan for a week.
27. Take the pug for long walks over a mile at least twice a week for a month.(2/10)
28. Switch to all-natural cleaning products.
29. Splurge on 6 hour day at a spa.
30. Splurge on a 6 hour day at the spa with the hubby.
31. Have healthy children.
32. Take my pre-natal vitamins everyday for one month.
33. Make at least 4 unity candles/memorial candles a month for 4 months(2/16).
34. Try 3 new recipes for 3 months.(6/9)
35. Plant an herb garden.
36. Take a Wilton's Cake Class.
37. Take Pug to the dog park at least once a month for 6 months.(1/6)
38. Buy a house with the hubby.
39. Put 10 bucks away every two weeks for 6 months.
40. Close all credit cards.
41. Clean out our closet and get rid of things we no longer need or want.
42. Keep the refrigerator and spice cabinet stocked with staple food/seasonings.
43. Cook a meal with all complete organic items.
44. Clean and organize the garage.
45. Stain back deck.
46. Plant new flowerbeds in backyard.
47. Complete spring clean the house from head to toe.
48. Only eat out once a month for six months.
49. Update my passport.
50. Travel to another country.
51. Visit Chicago.
52. Go back to Boston.
53. Visit the Napa Valley.
54. Take a weekend trip on the motorcycle with Chris.
55. Go on a day trip to somewhere we've never been.
56. Visit the Philly Art Museum with hubby.
57. Go to at least 3 Philadelphia Sport Team Games(1/3).
58. Visit the Baltimore Aquarium.
59. Go see a show on Broadway.
60. Go on a weekend trip to NYC.
61. Eat at the Rainbow Room.
62. Read at least one of the books from the Twilight Series
63. Finish "The Other Boleyn Girl"
64. Watch at least 25 movies in 8 months.(3/25)
65. Try 10 new restaurants(2/10).
66. See at least 5 shows at the Walnut Street Theatre
67. Have friends over at least once a month for six months(1/6).
68. Read, What to Expect When your Expecting, by the time kiddies are ready.
69. Read at least two books from Oprah's Book Club.
70. Be a guest on The View/Rachel Ray/Conan.
71. Go to a pumpkin patch/hayride/scary thing.
72. Re-learn Spanish.
73. Attend an event the hubby really wants to go to.
74. Attend a dance show.
75. Send a letter to hubby at his work.
76. Write a letter for no reason to 3 friends.
77. Start a mini-cookbook.
78. Give blood.
79. Right thank you cards for all things people do for us.
80. Participate in Big Sister club.
81. Take more photographs.
82. Bake a batch of cookies for a shelter for Christmas.
83. Complete this list.
84. Get up early to watch the sun rise over the lake at the cottage.
85. Catch a fish at the cottage this year while fishing!
86. Get a new cell phone that I really love and not just like.
87. Have three totally different hairstyle's.(1/3)
88. Get married.
89. Go to Peddler's Village with the girls.
90. Make Chris breakfast in bed at least once a month for 3 months.
91. Try to eat at least 4 hot wings.
92. Donate books I have read to schools/charities.
93. Go camping.
94. Write a poem.
95. Stay in touch with my knot girls and see them at least once every 6 months.
96. See all of the Best Picture nominees for the 2008 Oscars.
97. Complete the 100 push up challenge.
98. Run at least 3 times a week for 3 months.(3/44)
99. Donate 5 bucks to any charity for any incomplete items after 1001 days.
100. Go horseback riding.
101. Cook a 5 course meal for friends/family.