The Big Suprise!

Ok, I promised I would tell everyone by the end of the weekend what our surprise would be, and we are finally done with most of the planning part of the surprise and ready to share! I'm super excited about this and have been working very hard on this.

During the wedding planning process, I totally fell in love with the planning, making and everything else basically that comes along with planning a wedding. After we got back from the wedding and Hawaii, I missed the whole planning process. So I decided to start selling unity candles and memorial candles on e-bay and it became successful. So after much consideration, thinking and planning, with the help of Chris, I decided to start my own wedding planning business full time. Does this mean I will never go back to teaching? No, but for now this is my focus until the next school year begins. Right now it's starting out small. Besides the wedding projects part there is also another part to the business. I am also going to provide wedding day treats and snacks. I plan to go full force in a couple months once I complete some courses in event planning. At that point I will do actual wedding planning for brides. But for now, without further introduction, we introduce to you:

Check out our website at:
Jessica's Wedding Creations

Please spread the word with anyone you may know who is getting married!!

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