5k Training

So before the holidays I was doing super good with running 3-5 times a week. I was able to run about 1.5 miles before having to stop for a little while and then restart. But with the holidays, the weather, etc, I stopped running. Well I decided that I would like to run in the PF Chang's Half Marathon next January in Phoenix, AZ. Crazy, I know it sounds, me, a runner? But yep, I actually love running. It's so funny to hear my self say that, because I used to dread running the mile in junior and high school. So for the next 8 weeks I'm training for a 5k. A 5k is 3.1 miles for those who don't know, so it's not far at all. I already signed up for one on March 22. Exactly 8 weeks. The one thing I found weird about running, is that you have to pay for events. So because I payed I know I will stay motivated. After I complete the first 5k I will probably run a few more over the spring time, before I start training for a 10k race. A 10k is about 6.2 miles and a half marathon is 13.6. Hopefully I'll be able to run the half marathon in January. Of course that all depends on we we start TTC'ing as well. So for now my focus is on the 5k! Today I had my first training session and it went pretty well and fairly easy.

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