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Kara's Here!

A little over a month late, but hey better late then never! Let's not forget I have an almost 21 month old that keeps me on my toes and a newborn to take care of, so my time to sit down to blog is very limited!

Anyways, Kara Lyn is here. She was born on April 2, 2012. At 10:32 am. She was 7lbs 10oz and 19.5 inches long, with a full head of hair!

I thought her birth story would be pretty easy to write and only a paragraph, well I was wrong! Well actually the birth story is probably just that long, it's all the fun things(not really) that happened to me after birth!
Kara was a planned c-section, so we got up on Monday morning, got showered, got Kiley up to say good-bye to her and let her know we'd see her later in the day with her little sister! Driving to the hospital I wasn't really nervous at all, I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it being the 2nd baby. I was nervous only about getting the spinal, which wasn't that bad this time! Anyways, we got to the hospital, checked in and we were taken back in the labor and delivery area. I got into my fancy hospital gown and got my IV's in and they checked my blood pressure, which was high. I had sort of high blood pressure during my pregnancy but they took all the test they do and they all came back fine, so they didn't do anything about it. So they didn't worry about it before I delivered her.
Around 8:30 they told us the c-section before us was running behind and we might go in the next five minutes instead of 10, but the next thing I know that c-section went so we had to wait, which was fine, the time flew by. Around 10, I walked back to the OR and got all set up with my spinal.  My OB came in and started, about 20 minutes later Kara was born, screaming her little lungs off. She had a full head of hair! After all the heartburn I had with this pregnancy, I said the entire time she better have hair! Kara and Chris went off to the labor and delivery room while they finished me up. This time around I got staples instead of stitches and they healed so much better, no infection this time! If you are getting a c-section, seriously request the staples! My OB also made didn't use my last c-section incision, he made another one. After I was all closed up I was able to start breastfeeding right away which I didn't last time, it was almost 2 hours before I even saw Kiley after she was born. I'm so glad they made this change at the hospital.
Anyways about an hour in recovery we were off into our room. Kiley came to visit us and everything was going great, until night time. My BP started to rise, like super high, so they just watched it for the next 24 hours. On Wednesday morning, I was ready to go home, and at 5 am I asked my OB if she could get everything ready and she said I could. The nurse tried to talk me out of it and after listening to everyone, even the cleaning lady I decided I better stay, considering my BP was 170/100. They kept monitoring my BP and by Thursday morning they put me on a medication to help control it. Unfortunately this pill didn't work, but we would find that out till about 5 days later. Finally, on Friday they allowed me to go home. My BP never went back down to a normal range the whole weekend. Monday I had to go to my OB office to get my staples removed and they checked my BP and it was 210/140, so I was immediately sent to the OB triage.
They gave me a medication and it bottomed me out, so I had to stay another 3 days there. I had some blood-work come back during that stay that wasn't great, showed a high level of liver enzymes so they made me stay.  They re took all my blood work Wednesday morning and everything was fine, so they finally discharged me. Thankfully! Apparently, my OB told me they were calling me the hostage.  There was nothing worse then being told I was going to go home almost everyday and then the doctors coming in  and telling me I couldn't. I don't think I ever cried so much! Seriously! I'd cry the moment anyone said Kiley's name or talked about her, I missed her that much. I was a mess! BP issues are a scary thing, please, please get yours checked regularly. Even when my BP was super high I had NO symptoms after my pregnancy. I had some during, but again they tested and nothing came back.
So what was the cause of the high BP? Apparently all the extra fluid after having a baby. Thankfully now I'm BP med free and my BP is back to normal!