Kiley's First Bath

Kiley's little stump fell off in the middle of the night on Monday, so on Tuesday, she got her first official bath in her tub and not in the sink!


Kiley's First Tummy Time

Today Kiley and I had her first tummy time! She actually loved it and didn't fuss at all! Here is a video of her:

And some pictures:


2 Weeks PP(Post Partum)

I can't believe the little peanut is 2 weeks old already! Even though I'm still getting used to my major lack of sleep, we are enjoying having Kiley in our lives. The past two weeks, she's become so much more alert! When she is feeding she will stare into your eyes and follow your eyes. Her reflexes are great! We had her 2 week pediatric appointment and she gained weight. She now is 6 pounds 5 ounces! She loves to eat! She has been doing some major cluster feeding from about 4-9 every night. I heard this gets better =).

She sleeps good, I guess for a newborn! She has been doing about 3 hours, waking up for an hour or so, then sleeping a few more, and waking up again. We've been trying different things with her to have her sleep more, but we found it just messes up the schedule we've started with her. The other night we tried to give her formula, and it just made her a mess at night and the whole next day, so I'm going back to EBF(exclusive breast feeding). I also started pumping once, sometimes twice a day, so I have a reserve in the freezer for Kiley.

I'm doing pretty good, though getting used to the lack of sleep! I still have some pain from my incising, but nothing horrible. I stopped taking the pain medicine the second day I was home, because I felt it was making it more crazy and tired! I'm down 25.5 pounds already. I only have 8.5 pounds left till I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight! I can't wait to start exercising and running again. I take a daily walk with Kiley and the pug now, but I can't wait to get back into my routine. I've tried using my moby wrap with Kiley, but she isn't a fan of it yet =)

Chris has been an awesome help as well with Kiley. Because he is working, I don't make him get up during the week at nights with her. He does get up with her on the weekends during the night. He is awesome at finding ways to make her less grumpy during her cluster feeding hours. He's a great daddy =)

Puggie is adjusting ok with having Kiley. It will take some time, just because she's been our baby for the past 8 years. We include her in everything we are doing, making sure she is sitting with us on the couch, bed or wherever we are. We also let her smell Kiley and check her out. I've noticed when other people then Chris and I are holding Kiley, Puggie will sit right by them, like she's watching them. If Kiley is in her swing, and crying Puggie will go over and sniff her.

I'll update with some pictures soon!



While pregnant with Kiley, I was really unsure of how comfortable I would be with breastfeeding. Even in the hospital when I was asked if I was breastfeeding or formula feeding, I gave my answer and wasn't sure.
Many mothers told me that the had the same thoughts as me, but once your child is breastfeeding you just become at ease with it. I have to say I am so glad that I decided to breastfeed. It's takes a lot of time and patience. Besides, waking up one morning with two watermelons hanging from my chest! =)
I'm sure if I was a working mom, it would be ten times harder for me. I feel for mothers who are unable to produce the milk or their milk just never comes in, to me it's such a bonding experience looking into her eyes as she feeds.
Kiley latched on the moment I met her with no problem! So far we are doing great. I do have some issues though, and if anyone has advice that would be awesome! Kiley tends to fall asleep with in 10 minutes feeding, is there anything you do to keep your child awake? We've tried tickling her toes, hands, getting her undressed. She will eventually wake up and want to feed more, but this leads to more feedings and being satisfied for a lesser time. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions!


Kiley's Birth In Pictures

Most of my readers have seen these on facebook, but in case we aren't friends on facebook here is Kiley's birth in pictures. Some of them are graphic, so if you don't like to see some things, the don't look or just scroll really fast!

Kiley's Here!

Kiley Ann was born on August 8, 2010 at 11:52 am!

If you are interested in reading this long post, this is her birth story:

I was in labor for a total of 38 hours. 30 of them natural, 8 with an epidural. I ended up getting c-section. On Friday, August 6th, Chris and I went out for my birthday dinner in the city at Davio's, which was awesome, all the waiters kept saying I was going to go into labor after we left. Chris and I even joked about it, because we didn't think it would happen. , I felt totally fine, we got home walked the dog and as we were coming back from the walk, I felt a small gush of water, so went home, changed and called the dr. She told us that I needed to come in to check to see if it was my water that did break, as I was going back upstairs to get my bag, etc., I felt another leak.

So we packed our stuff and left. Once we got here I was sent straight to L&D and didn't have to wait in the ER , which was nice. Once upstairs, got changed and the doctor checked me to see if my bag was still attached. She couldn't tell so she did an AFI check with the ultrasound, I had really no fluid left, just 2 cm, so she kind of thought my water did break. After that she checked to see if I was dilated, and wasn't at all, cervix was totally closed. So she said I had to stay and gave me cytotec to start to soften my cervix, I got that 3 times, got checked every 6 hours, first two times, it didn't do anything, last check it was softened. It did cause contractions though. So after the 3rd dose, they started me on pitocin. They would check every so often and I never dilated past 1 1/2 cm, over the night on Saturday around 1:30 am I started to get really bad back labor pains on top of the contractions, I tried to breathe through them, but knew I wasn't going to get any sleep so I decided to just get the epidural, at this point anyway I kind of figured I was on path to get a c-section. So after 30 hours going naturally, I decided I was done and got the epi, which was awesome. I was able to sleep from about 3-8, of course was woken up every 20 minutes to be checked on and put on oxygen because the pit was affecting Kiley's heart rate. It kept dropping then going up. So around 10:45 is the nurse turned the pit off and I knew at that point, I was headed to the OR. Especially because she told Chris not to go far for breakfast and bring it back to eat. My doctor said he was coming back in to see if I dilated at all, but he never did, the next time he came in, Chris was about to shower and he said nope, no time, your headed for a c-section.

It was so crazy, because I was out of the L&D room, and in the OR and had a baby with in about 50 minutes. I was shaking uncontrollably because I was so nervous and from the extra dose of epidural they gave me. I didn't feel anything but a lot of pressure from the c-section.

They told us that she weighed 6 pounds, 14 ounces,when she was born, but they somehow made a mistake and her birth weight was 5 pound 15 ounces.

It was long but every minute was def. worth in the end! Chris was an awesome daddy during the whole process and keep me occupied during the hard parts of labor. We played uno numerous times and other games to pass the time.

We are all enjoying Kiley!


Two Words..ok maybe more

IT'S AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I always loved August since my birthday is in August, but this August is super extra special and super extra exciting! Baby K, Mommy, Daddy, Puggie and everyone else can't wait to meet you!!!!!!!