While pregnant with Kiley, I was really unsure of how comfortable I would be with breastfeeding. Even in the hospital when I was asked if I was breastfeeding or formula feeding, I gave my answer and wasn't sure.
Many mothers told me that the had the same thoughts as me, but once your child is breastfeeding you just become at ease with it. I have to say I am so glad that I decided to breastfeed. It's takes a lot of time and patience. Besides, waking up one morning with two watermelons hanging from my chest! =)
I'm sure if I was a working mom, it would be ten times harder for me. I feel for mothers who are unable to produce the milk or their milk just never comes in, to me it's such a bonding experience looking into her eyes as she feeds.
Kiley latched on the moment I met her with no problem! So far we are doing great. I do have some issues though, and if anyone has advice that would be awesome! Kiley tends to fall asleep with in 10 minutes feeding, is there anything you do to keep your child awake? We've tried tickling her toes, hands, getting her undressed. She will eventually wake up and want to feed more, but this leads to more feedings and being satisfied for a lesser time. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Congrats! For right now just let her feed when she wants for as long as she wants. Babies can eat for an hour and want to eat in another 45 minutes. After nursing four babies, I say consider yourself lucky that she's in and out in 10 minutes. Gavin was the same way and it is HARD the first month and you will be tired but, she will get on a regular schedule in about a month for two or so months, then cluster feed again. I went crazy tickling Hampton and trying to nurse him for 20 minutes a side (which is what they told me at the hospital)until it drove me crazy and ended up hurting my supply.
Just go with what the baby wants for now!

Jessica said...

Thanks Carrie! The hospital told us to do the same, get her totally undressed, tickler her, etc, but it doesn't work, so I've just let her eat what she wants and just let her eat again when she is ready.