Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Turkey Day Everyone! We all have so much to be grateful for on Thanksgiving!! I'm grateful for my loving husband, who is AMAZING. My parents, my pug, my family and my friends! Enjoy this short video clip!!


Worst Best Man Ever

This video is hilarious! I played it over like four times. I can't even imagine what I would of done if I was this bride.


Movie Thursdays!

We started this trend a few weeks ago on Thursday nights, because Survivor and Ugly Betty are both on at 8, so you can't DVR two things at once and watch something else so we started watching a movie instead. Well tonight's movie is:

We have both seen this movie, but it has a puggie in it! Anyways if you've never seen it, here's a little about it:
Milo, the curious kitten and Otis, the pug-nosed pup journey to a dazzling world of natural splendor when Milo accidentally sets sail down the backyard creek in a box and Otis follows behind along the shore. Narrated by Dudley Moore.


We've made it!!

Through a whole month of marriage!!!! Wooohooo! Go us! Everyone says things change when you get married but nothing is different at all! Anyways that's it for now!


Swedish Fish!!

Seriously I was in target the other night and look what I found and bought:


This is my favorite candy EVER and I try to never buy fishies because they are so bad for you, calorie wise. But now they have 100 calorie packs!!! Awesome!!



As we all now know, the PHILLIES WON THE WORLD SERIES!
I had to post this because it's so awesome to hear over, over and over again.

I did go to the parade down broad street and it was awesome! Here are some pics!
Pat B:

The greatest mascot ever, besides SWOOP and HIP HOP!

Holding the trophy, David Montgomery, The guy next to him with back turned gray shirt and black hat, is Mayor Nutter.

The guy in the suit, all the way to the left, Head Coach Charlie Manuel:

J Roll:

The Flyin Hawiian-Shane Victorino!!

Brad Lidge:

Last, Me!

Day 9 & 10

Day 9 and 10 to us seemed like one really, really long day. We knew what we were in store for because we were traveling home way late night. Tuesday we decided to head down to Kona and grab some breakfast and do our shopping for our families. We ate breakfast at Island Lava Java, the reason we wanted to go there, well I did, is because they are known for their cinnamon buns, well when we got there they were out! I was upset, but the breakfast was really good. We ate outsid right by the ocean. After breakfast we went shopping along Alli Drive. Then I stopped at Scandinavian Shave Ice, this place taste wise doesn't compare to Rita's, but size wise, it does. The small was HUGE. They seriously take ice and make a ball out of it. The small was probably as big as a smaller watermelon. It was huge. After this we went home and really relaxed until it was time to go to dinner. I liked this shot Chris took of the back of the house facing the mountains.

We went to dinner at Ruth Chris Steak House and had a great dinner. We headed back to the house one last time and hung out for a bit and then headed to the airport around 8:00pm Hawaii time for about a 15 hour day, and went through 3 times changes. It was very hard to leave! We had an amazing time. The end of our honeymoon only really meant one thing, that all this planning we have been doing for the past two years with the wedding and honeymoon was finally all over. We landed in Philly a little early, at about 4:00. We went home after that and just passed out. The next day I went up to my parent's and got the pug! She missed me so much that
she was so excited, she peed on me and my mom's chair, thankfully the chair didn't get wet.


Day 8 Honeymoon

Day 8 we finally go to go snorkeling! We had a pretty relaxing day on day 8. With only 2 days left we decided to rest up a bit. We hung around the house for a little and then went snorkeling to first to 'Anaeho'omalu Bay otherwise known as A-bay. After our 2 mile hike to this beach, there was coral everywhere, it wasn't comfortable to walk on at all. I really wasn't comfortable with this beach because there was coral everywhere, and the water was filled with huge boulders. Which could of made for good snorkeling, but there was no on there but us, so we decided to go back to Beach 69. Chris of course went in right away, I'm really scared of the ocean. Not so much the fish, but I'm always worried a shark is going to come. So it took me awhile to get comfortable in the water. We didn't get any pics of course, beause we didn't have an underwater camera. We saw lots of pretty fish and a huge parrott fish, Chris who scuba dives said that he has never seen one that big. After snorkeling we headed back home to hang out in the pool and hot tub the rest of the day till it was time to go to the Luau. We went to the Royal Kona Resort Luau. We paid 5 dollars more to be VIP. It was worth it, because there was about 400 people, so we were the first table to go and get our food. They had SO many different luau foods. All of it was really good. The main courses were kalua pug, fresh island fish,luau chicken, and pulehu beef, with hawiian sweet potatoes which are purple, rice, vegatables, poi, lomi lomi salmon, taro and coconut rolls. For desert they had coconut cake and pinapple upside down cake. Of course we had some piggie, I didn't watch the poor little guy come out from the imu(underground oven) but Chris got pictures from that. The fun part of the luau wasn't just the dancer. When we called to reserve our spot, Chris had told them that we were on our honeymoon, so in the middle of the show, the Master of Ceremony, said "Let's celebrate love or something, and he started naming couples that were on their honeymoons, well guess who was first! Chris and I. There was about 6 other couples and they made us go in front of everyone at the luau, remind you that there was about 400 people there and dance to a song. It was fun, but silly. Some pics: