Brilli Kids Little Reader Chinese Edition

As a member of the BrillKids Blog Team, I was recently given the opportunity to review their Little Readers Program Chinese. I was able to review the online program of Little Readers.

Just like the English version this version is just as great. It exposes your child to words they probably wouldn't hear unless you were doing a language program with them. Kiley sat down and was interested to go over the lesson, just as she was with the English version. In fact, she seemed to like the different accent of words as she wold smile when she heard them. Everyday that we do the Little Reader she becomes more content and will sit longer for the lesson. She also starts to point to different body parts they pick out, by being able to follow the pictures she can see. She may not understand the word in the Chinese language, but when she is able to put a picture with it, she can understand what the word means and will follow.

Just like the English Little Readers program. the Chinese program is very user friendly. Lessons are short but very educational. The Chinese version teaches 3, 576 words and has 2. 768 images to go along with the words. Each word comes with 3 recorded voices, 3-5 images and 2-4 picture audio. All the voice recordings are in Mandarin. You can also select if you would like the traditional or simplified version. The program comes with a 12 month lesson plan. You can also use the BrillKids forum and download more content to your lesson plans. There are two different programs you can purchase from BrillKids. The first version retails for $250.00 and includes the Little Reader software, pattern phonics flash cards, 1 year program of the English Curriculum program, starter flap card kit, The Little Reader storybook series, which includes 25 books, weekly lesson plans, Teaching Your Baby To Read Booklet, 6,000 Loyalty Bonus Points, Teaching with Little Reader booklet, sticker labels for playing the labeling game. Little Reader Basic retails for $149 and includes, The Little Reader software, 1 year program of the English Curriculum, Teaching Your Baby To Read booklet, and the Teaching With Little Reader Booklet.
You can also do a 14 day free trial of the program, which I highly suggest downloading and seeing how much this program can really help your child to read. You can start the Little Reader program in between 3-6 months or you can wait till your child is 1 or 2. So why teach your child to read so young? Well there are many benefits. One of them is that children who teach reading before formal schooling starts are seen to have higher self-esteem and confidence levels, than those who had parents who didn't encourage early reading. Children are also more likely to be more successful in school activities and want to learn more eagerly. Remember keep your lessons fun and exciting and it will keep your child engaged! Kiley likes this program so much that every time she sees the computer she waits for me to turn Little Reader on! I was provided this product in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion. I was not paid for the review, nor required to write a positive review.


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30 Days of Thanks

Day 28-
A Gift
Cuisinart Stand Mixer, love this thing! I do a lot of baking and use this ALL the time!
Day 29-
Something In Your Home
My Bed(I don't have a picture of this, sorry, but it's sooo comfy!)

Day 30-
The Thing I'm Most Thankful For
Again, no picture here cause there's a million of them, but most importantly, my family, pets and friends =)