So yummy!

While visiting my parent's over the weekend, I spotted a yummy snack in their kitchen. It was this:So good! I went to Target yesterday and had to buy a bag. I just happened to look at the bag and it says 10 servings per bag, whoops! Hubby and I better slow down on them! I couldn't believe all the different flavors Sndyer's offers with these pretzel pieces!

Just had to share!

CSN Store Giveaway!

*We have a winner, Comment #4, Suburban Prep, please contact me with your information so I can forward it on to CSN stores so you can redeem your gift, kupuggie@gmail.com!*

I'm excited to be hosting another give away on my blog sponsored by CSN Stores!

As Christmas is coming around many of us are starting to get our list ready, I personally love these dutch ovens on their website and will be asking Santa for one this year!. The dutch oven would look great on a brand new dining room table from CSN Stores while serving your family a wonderful Christmas dinner!

So what's in the post for you? Well once again my friends, you can enter to win a $35 dollar gift certificate toward the item of your choice. All you need to do is tell me the first thing on your Christmas list this year! Leave me a comment and let me know, make sure you leave your email address so I can contact you! The winner will be picked by random.org! I will be closing this give way next Monday(11/1) at 9 am. So get busy and start getting your list ready on CSN Stores where you can find everything to dining room tables to supplies for your pets!

Good Luck!


So Pretty

I know I'm partial here because she's mine, but you can't tell me this is the most adorable thing ever:
This is the dress Kiley wore to my sister in law Lyndsay's wedding in September.


Weekend Recap

This weekend we headed up to Buffalo to visit with Chris's parents. We figured instead of interrupting Kiley's sleeping schedule, that we would leave Friday at 4 am when she wakes up, instead of leaving late Thursday night and not getting there until 1 am Friday. It worked out really well to do this and didn't interrupt Kiley's sleeping schedule at all. After we got there Friday we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch, yummy! After that we just hung out until the in-laws got home and we went out to dinner.

Saturday we were gonna go to the zoo but we decided just to go to a local pumpkin patch and get some fall pictures of Kiley.Sunday we drove home!


Reason #2777 Why I love Target

I love Target! Who doesn't, or I should say who can't love Target? Well now, on their website they have a free sample site:

Target Sample Site

I believe they will update the free samples weekly, so check them out!


Baby Gear

Here is just a list of items of things that I am so glad we have for Kiley and have found really helpful:

1. Boppy Pillow

This is probably one of the best inventions ever! It's so easy to just lay the baby in to feed, hang out, or even have tummy time! It's also great if you are breastfeeding!

2. Pacifiers

I was against these before I had Kiley, but they are another one of the greatest inventions ever! They are so great to have to just soothe the baby when needed.

3. Receiving Blankets
You really can't have enough of these. We use them for everything, as a blanket, to swaddle Kiley at night, sometimes even as a burp cloth, a head supporter, you name it!

4. Breast Pump

Once your milk comes in, your gonna want one of these, a hand pump doesn't cut it! When your milk comes in, it's hello boobs! Not to mention, it's so nice to have a pump because then you can pump and allow others to give your baby a bottle. We went with the Medela Pump In Style Advanced Shoulder Bag. We bought it off of breastpumpdeals.com, and got it for a very good price, about $70 less then they wanted in store.

5. Graco Traveling System
This is so convenient, it's your stroller and your car seat in one! I highly recommend getting a travel system.

6. Joovy Jogging StrollerIf you like to run or work out, go for walks, I suggest getting a jogging stroller as well. They can be quite expensive but fortunately we got ours as a gift for registering for cord blood banking. This particular jogger is huge, I'm not gonna lie, but you can put your child in the Joovy, until they are 75 pounds. I love being able to take Kiley with me on my runs, plus you burn extra calories!

7. Graco Travel Lite CribIf you travel a lot like us, this is a great item to have. It's so much lighter then your traditional pack and play and you can also use it as a crib!

8. Diaper Genie
This thing is great! It may look like a huge sausage link when it comes out, but it totally keeps the odor locked in!

9. Triple Paste Ointment

When Kiley was only 3 weeks old she got a bad diaper rash, nothing seemed to work. Our pediatrician recommended this ointment and it works wonders! After one application the rash starts to clear up. It's a bit expensive, 20 bucks for this tub, but it's worth it.

10. Bumbo
Now that Kiley is a bit bigger, I love this seat. It's so nice to be able to sit her in and be able to get some things done! It also is great to put her in because it helps her with head support.

11. A swing/bouncy chairI put both of these on here, because I really think you should have both. Just like adults, babies get bored. Plus they do different things, the chair bounces and vibrates and the swing, well swings!

I'm sure there are a lot more items, I will think of as Kiley gets older!

Kiley is 2 months!

It's so hard to believe that Kiley is two months old already! The time is flying by! You've started to smile at us all the time. You are starting to recognize our voices and respond to them by cooing to us. You started sleeping a lot better, please keep it up!! You toot all the time, just like your Daddy! Your still a little cuddly bug, especially after Daddy goes to work in the morning, you love to snuggle in bed for another hour or two with Puggie and Mommy.

You are starting to discover your voice and sometimes, you can yell girlfriend! Even your Grandparents can attest to that! We are still waiting to hear a little chuckle from you, I can't wait to hear it! You are still wearing your newborn clothing because your such a peanut!

Daddy and I think you are going to be a swimmer because you are always flailing your arms and legs like your swimming! You love to explore with your legs, especially on your mat when your feet hit the crunchy noise maker.

You love bath time! Especially in your bath spa, how lucky you are to have a little spa bath at your age! You love the sprinkler on it and would sit in the tub for hours if we let you!

You get bored very easily and want to be put in different positions! You are gonna be an active little girl I think! You are starting to open up your hands a lot and exploring your fingers, like where did these things come from?


Our Wedding Dance

2 Years!


Lead to this:

Which lead to this:

Happy Two Anniversary to my amazing husband and I!!


Back from NYC!

So I'm sure a lot of you are wondering, why I went to NYC and what all happened, because I really didn't talk about it much until we went. There's a lot of back story to this post, so I'll start there. About a year ago I was contacted by Shop Rite, for the Partners in Caring program to be on the back of a cheerios box, I accepted, and made a blog post about fighting hunger, encouraging you my readers to take part. I thought that was it and didn't think anything else would come from it. Boy, was I wrong. A whole lot is coming from it. An amazing opportunity came from it. About a month ago, I got another email from Shop Rite, inviting me to be a member of their food bloggers blog panel, if you never visited my food blog or didn't know I had one you can find it here. At the time, I was told to stay tuned for further opportunities, so I did.

Then one day a few weeks ago, I got another email inviting me to the New York Food and Wine Festival. A overnight stay in the Tribeca Grand Hotel, $150 gift card for travel and other expenses and dinner at Abe & Arthur's with Shop Rite executives. At first I was a little leary, way too good to be true, as anyone would be. Chris even kept questioning it, so I emailed back and forth with them and we decided to go! It would be the first time we were leaving Kiley over night,but that's for another blog post! Anyways, so it was weird to be quite honest at first, right from the bat, I'd be meeting 12 other food bloggers I never met, Shop Rite executives and others. But I have to say it wasn't at all, I'm so glad I got to meet such other wonderful people that will be on the panel as well!

I'm so glad I took advantage of this opportunity and decided to become a member of the Shop Rite Food Blog Panel, stay tuned for more details of all of this!

Back to the food festival, it was awesome! I met Tyler Florence, Ellie Krieger(who was amazingly sweet) and Rachel Ray! There was so much food and drink, I of course didn't partake in the drink parts because of breastfeeding, but the food was amazing!