Back from NYC!

So I'm sure a lot of you are wondering, why I went to NYC and what all happened, because I really didn't talk about it much until we went. There's a lot of back story to this post, so I'll start there. About a year ago I was contacted by Shop Rite, for the Partners in Caring program to be on the back of a cheerios box, I accepted, and made a blog post about fighting hunger, encouraging you my readers to take part. I thought that was it and didn't think anything else would come from it. Boy, was I wrong. A whole lot is coming from it. An amazing opportunity came from it. About a month ago, I got another email from Shop Rite, inviting me to be a member of their food bloggers blog panel, if you never visited my food blog or didn't know I had one you can find it here. At the time, I was told to stay tuned for further opportunities, so I did.

Then one day a few weeks ago, I got another email inviting me to the New York Food and Wine Festival. A overnight stay in the Tribeca Grand Hotel, $150 gift card for travel and other expenses and dinner at Abe & Arthur's with Shop Rite executives. At first I was a little leary, way too good to be true, as anyone would be. Chris even kept questioning it, so I emailed back and forth with them and we decided to go! It would be the first time we were leaving Kiley over night,but that's for another blog post! Anyways, so it was weird to be quite honest at first, right from the bat, I'd be meeting 12 other food bloggers I never met, Shop Rite executives and others. But I have to say it wasn't at all, I'm so glad I got to meet such other wonderful people that will be on the panel as well!

I'm so glad I took advantage of this opportunity and decided to become a member of the Shop Rite Food Blog Panel, stay tuned for more details of all of this!

Back to the food festival, it was awesome! I met Tyler Florence, Ellie Krieger(who was amazingly sweet) and Rachel Ray! There was so much food and drink, I of course didn't partake in the drink parts because of breastfeeding, but the food was amazing!

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