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That's right, Kiley's going to be a big sister!! A very unexpected big sister, but a big sister!! We are super excited. Baby K #2 is due April 7, 2012.


Yoplait Light

Did you know that small changes can lead to big differences in helping you maintain your weight?

On Yoplait's Facebook page(
www.Facebook.com/Yoplait?)they have an awesome application that you can use to swap out foods you are currently eating for healthier choices, including Yoplait Light Yogurts.

Read and try the recipes on the swap page!

Biggest Loser host and busy mom Alison Sweeney is working with the brand to share advice for how she maintains her weight by making daily substitutions in her diet and routine, all while navigating her hectic schedule. I’m all about easy solutions, and making simple swaps in my diet helps me lead a healthy lifestyle while juggling everything else,” said Sweeney, mom of two. “That’s why the Yoplait Light Swap is a no-brainer – just swapping a slice of my favorite red velvet cake after dinner for a cup of Red Velvet Cake Yoplait Light can save me almost 300 calories, without even thinking about it.”

Check out the swap page!