Kiley is 2 months!

It's so hard to believe that Kiley is two months old already! The time is flying by! You've started to smile at us all the time. You are starting to recognize our voices and respond to them by cooing to us. You started sleeping a lot better, please keep it up!! You toot all the time, just like your Daddy! Your still a little cuddly bug, especially after Daddy goes to work in the morning, you love to snuggle in bed for another hour or two with Puggie and Mommy.

You are starting to discover your voice and sometimes, you can yell girlfriend! Even your Grandparents can attest to that! We are still waiting to hear a little chuckle from you, I can't wait to hear it! You are still wearing your newborn clothing because your such a peanut!

Daddy and I think you are going to be a swimmer because you are always flailing your arms and legs like your swimming! You love to explore with your legs, especially on your mat when your feet hit the crunchy noise maker.

You love bath time! Especially in your bath spa, how lucky you are to have a little spa bath at your age! You love the sprinkler on it and would sit in the tub for hours if we let you!

You get bored very easily and want to be put in different positions! You are gonna be an active little girl I think! You are starting to open up your hands a lot and exploring your fingers, like where did these things come from?

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Keeley said...

Adorable... of course!