I stole this from a blogger, who stole this from another blogger who stole it from the first blogger. Get it? It's ok if you don't!

1 minute ago - I was giving the pug a treat.
1 hour ago -I was walking the pug with Chris.
1 day ago -I was home playing guitar hero.
1 month ago - I was celebrating Christmas.
1 year ago… I was planning a wedding.
1 decade ago - I was in high school.
2 decade ago… I was 7 and just being a kid, I'm sure.

5 minutes ago - I was talking to Jackie on IM.
5 days ago - I was flying home from Phoenix, AZ.
5 months ago - I was running around like a crazy bride trying to get things done for our wedding.
5 years ago -I just was starting the year that I would meet my amazing husband!

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