Mess Free Finger Painting!

Have you checked out Pinterest yet? If not you should. It's like chocolate, it's addicting. Too addicting.

Anyways, the Hippie Housewive shared a pin of mess free finger painting! What a great idea! Seriously, with a one year old who LOVES to paint, but really has no control of what or where she is painting, this is great! It's even great as a learning lesson, to mix colors in older toddlers !

First you put, paint, as many colors as you want in a gallon sized freezer bag, close the bag making sure all the air is out. Place it on the table and surround the bag with tape so it's secure. You can place a piece of paper underneath the bag if you want.

Then let your little one go to town! Kiley is such a serious painter!

Kiley decided she wanted to try using her bracelet to help paint also.

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