Kiley is 6 months!

Someone please stop the clock. I have a 6 MONTH OLD. What? How did that happen so fast? A half of a year old baby is in my house.

So what are you doing this month? I really have to sit here and think about this one, because you are doing SO many things that I wouldn't expect a 6 month old little peanut to be doing!
First, you are saying, Dada!! We have no idea if you know what it means ,but the past few days, and I really mean like yesterday and the day before, when Momma ask you where Dada is, you look at him. Is it just on accident, or are you really starting to know Dada(the meaning)? We are trying to learn Mama, but when I say it you love to scream back Dada!! You are playing independently by your self so well, you can keep your self occupied for about 30-40 minutes, just gabbing away. You are FINALLY taking about 1 hour to 2 hour naps everyday, which is so nice for Momma!

You are rolling both ways! This past week, while on your tummy time, you are starting to move your legs around a bit. Sometimes we put you on your knees and you look like your gonna start moving, but not yet. I hope by next month you are crawling, cause you really want to do it, you just can't figure it out yet! You've tried all the stage 1 foods and love them all for the most part. You are finally starting to get more hair, Daddy is super excited about that!

We don't go to the doctor until this Friday, so I wont have your official stats, till then. But I'm guessing you might be 13 pounds and 23 inches long. You are such a peanut that you just stopped being able to wear 3 month clothing this past weekend!

You are sitting up so well, all by your self like a big girl! You love to sit up and you love to stand up and hold onto things! You love playing in the big girl bath tub with your toys now. You discovered that your feet are quite yummy and enjoy ripping your socks off and eating your feet. We stopped swaddling you, cold turkey and it worked out well. We just but you in you little sleeping bag and you love it! You are sleeping 9am-6-6:30 pm, get a little drink and go back to bed till about 8:30! You love your little tiger friend and if we go out anywhere I need to make sure he is with us. You also LOVE being able to go shopping in the shopping cart!

So, happy half of a year baby girl!!

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Emily Malloy said...

Oh, she's beautiful! How quickly time DOES fly!