Busy Mom's Chose VitaCost!

The toughest job in the world is being the CEO of your own home. Nobody does that job better than a mom. Moms are the ultimate multi-taskers with abilities to keep homes organized, keep families happy, and the uncanny ability to find good deals on everything.

When it comes to doing the shopping, smart moms use an approach called Momonomics. Momonomics, in short, is a better way to get better stuff at better prices. It means that you don't have to deal with the supermarket, the ten-items-or-less line, or the sticker shock when they ring up those wholesome organic products with their less-than-wholesome prices.

With Momonomics, smart moms simply take their shopping lists to Vitacost.com. They can log on to www.vitacost.com from their phones, iPads or computers and order the high quality groceries, home, bath and beauty products, baby and pet items, vitamins and supplements they know their families need. They can do all of this without paying crazy-high specialty grocery store prices.

Vitacost is a leading online health and wellness retailer that offers over 30,000 products that moms love, including the best selection of organic foods and snacks, and natural household supplies. Vitacost sells top brands at wholesale prices. So, you're a smart mom...what are you waiting for?

Take your shopping list to Vitacost.com - and take the cost out of healthy living.

MomSelect and your friends at Vitacost

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