2010: A Year In Pictures & Small Words

2010, was a life changing year. I became a Mommy! It was the most breathtaking moment ever, hearing your baby cry for the first time. I may have gotten a lot less sleep this year, but it's worth it all and I wouldn't change it for the world!
We started out the New Year in St. Lucia.
We told everyone that didn't already know that we were expecting a baby! (We only told family that were expecting). Chris turned the big 29.
We started working on the nursery. We picked out and purchased our furniture.
I took my first "bump" picture.April-
We found out that we had a healthy baby girl!!
We had a busy May with lots of birthdays and of course the start of cottage season! Though May had some sorrow as my 85 year old grandmother who I was extremely close with passed away.

We were just as busy, with my sister in laws bridal shower and good friends of our got married!

Gosh, do I look pregnant in this picture or what. Not to mention it was like a 1,000 degrees out this day!
We made our last trip up to the cottage till Kiley came, just because we didn't want to go into labor while on the island.
37 weeks pregnant:

We revealed Kiley's nursery to the world.

I also had my fabulous baby shower.
My yummy,beautiful cake:
Belly pic-

The month we we've been waiting for, for the past 9 months. Being pregnant for the first time you totally don't know what to expect going into labor. I've heard that labor comes when you least expect it and that surely was true for me. Chris and I went for my birthday dinner at Davio in Philadelphia, the waiter kept joking around that after such a good meal I'd go into labor. We played along with the joke. Never did I think that he would be correct. We came home and decided to walk the dog, well low and behold as we were about 2 houses away I felt something running down my leg, so we came home and sat down, and it happened again. At this point I figured I'd better call my OB, well 38 hours later this sweet, precious baby girl was born:

Last bump picture, 39 weeks and 1 day:

September-We learned what becoming parents was all about. We also got invited by Shop Rite to go to the NYC Food and Wine Festival. We met some awesome people, including Keely and Emily and their husbands. We also got to meet Tyler Florence, Ellie Krieger and Rachel Ray.

Kiley also had her first trip to the cottage:

My sister in law got married:

Kiley had her first Halloween

November-We celebrated Thanksgiving with our families, Kiley had her first Thanksgiving.
We also started giving Kiley rice cereal. She had her first trip to the aquarium.

I ran my first 5k! We had a great Christmas!

Kiley also started swimming classes and The Little Gym, she also got to play in her first snow storm!

We hope everyone has a safe, happy and healthy 2011!

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