Kiley is 4 months!

Happy 4 Months Kiley!
Look at you! You're getting so big! You look chubby in this picture but you are still such a a little peanut! You recently discovered this high pitched scream that you love to do! It hurts our ears, but it's cute, so it's ok. Puggie even turns her head when you do it! You love to stand up and talk to us. You rolled over once, we are still waiting for you to do it again. You love to lay on your play mat and just talk away to the world. You also love to move around on your mat using your legs. We can put you down in one spot and a minute later you'll do a total 360! You can roll to your side but your arm gets stuck and then you can't move! You are finally starting to fit into size 2 diapers. We go to the pediatrician in a couple of days so we will have your exact measurements then! But I'm guessing you are around 11-12 pounds now! You are still a champ at sleeping! Most night you sleep 9-7, eat and then go back to bed 7-9, but in bed with Mommy for the 2nd part. You love taking naps on Mommy, so far napping in your crib hasn't been successful, but that's ok! I love the extra cuddle time! We started giving you rice cereal, which makes a TOTAL mess. Not sure if you like it or not, Mommy tired it, so I can't blame you if you don't like it! Your still giggling a lot and it's so funny how many different laughs you have.

They day after you turned 4 months, was December 9th, which was a year that Mommy took a pregnancy test and found out she was pregnant with you! Also, December 9th, is the first time Mommy and Daddy met! Now that day will even be extra special!

You are really starting to grab for things and are aware of everything! You love looking around and discovering your little world. You've started swim class which you love and also The Little Gym, which you loved! The teacher said you were the strongest 4 month old she's ever seen! You still hate tummy time, but yet loved it at the The Little Gym, maybe we need some fun equipment here and then you'll like it!

You're a little stinker though sometimes, because you have a fake cry now. I'm now able to tell the difference of your fake cry and your regular cry! Sometimes though you like to trick us!

You are starting to get teeth! You have two little teeth on the back of your bottom gums that I can see! I can't wait for them to come out, though I will miss that huge gummy smile! You love putting your thumb in your mouth and chomping on it, heck you like to put anything and everything in your mouth!

Can't wait to see what you learn in this next month!

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