Kiley is 5 months!

Kid, stop GROWING! You're going to be half a year in a month, where the HECK did that time go? This past month you've grown SO much. You can do so many things. You are sitting up all by your self! You grab at everything and anything. If Mommy is carrying you and something else, you always want to help carry it now. We can't put you in the bumbo anymore on the kitchen table while we eat dinner because you like to climb out of it now and get after everything on the table, like the napkin holder. You're going to be into everything as soon as you are mobile. Last night we went out to dinner and you picked up Mommy's water glass and dumped it everywhere, silly girl! You love your big girl food, sweet potatoes, bananas, and carrots are your favorites! You can roll over, but you don't like to do it very much. You are loving your exersaucer and jumpearoo!
You are starting to get your own little personality and it's fun to watch it grow. You laugh at your self in your mirror and it's quite funny, because as soon as you realize we are listening to you, you stop! You are getting a lot more vocal and learning different sounds to make!

You are a pretty content baby, you get a little cranky when you are hungry and tired, but who doesn't? When you do get tired you love to rub your little face into any one's chest that is holding you. You are finally back to sleeping through the night, we didn't care for that 4 month wakeful period too much! The amount you changed this month sweet baby girl, I can't wait to see what this next month holds!

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