Stay At Home Mommy(SAHM)

People often ask me all the time how much do I love being able to stay at home with Kiley. I love it, and I wouldn't trade it for the world, but A LOT of people think it's all fun, games and sitting on the couch all day. Well, those who think that are WRONG, totally wrong! Ask any SAHM and they will tell you the same thing! It's a full time job. It starts some days at 4 am for me and doesn't end till 9 pm. That's more hours in a day then a full time person works, in most cases! The next question I get is usually, I bet you get everything done you want too. Actually, nope I don't. After having Kiley, I thought I'd have a perfect clean house, dinner planned out and ready, showered, worked out, dog walk/feed and plenty of easy time to catch up on my DVR! Boy, was I wrong! I have more things in my DVR now then I did before Kiley was born! Our house was a disaster for the first 5 months of Kiley's life. Yes, it was tidy when some of you might have visited, but you didn't open up the closets =)

So what did I do? Well I made a schedule for cleaning, grocery shopping, wash, etc. I had to, because I wasn't getting anything done and was going out shopping and spending way to much money that wasn't in the budget! Because, yes, if someone chooses to stay home there is less income, so you have to make some sacrifices, like GAS, because it's crazy expensive and I drive a big SUV!

So our schedule is(Monday-Friday):

Monday-Stay home day, maybe go to the grocery store and Target that are 5 minutes away. Walk the dog. Do laundry, work out while Kiley naps. Clean first floor of house, including kitchen.

Tuesday-Tuesday are busy for us. Walk the dog first. Kiley has The Little Gym Class, then we go to our favorite store Wegmans for lunch and grocery shopping. We don't get home till about 3-4, so Kiley goes down for a nap and I work out.

Wednesday-Stay at home day, walk the dog, Kiley has swim class at night. Clean bottom level of our house, workout.

Thursday-Walk the dog, Then Kiley has little gym again, for awhile we'd go to Wegman's for lunch again, but it wasn't fitting in our budget, so we decided to come home for lunch. Kiley naps and I work out.

Friday-We travel a lot, so every other Friday that we are home, we stay home, hang out with Daddy, walk the dog and clean the third level of our house.

So, there are ways to make it easier to be at SAHM. And again, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm so glad when I'm asked what things new she is doing I can tell them what she's doing before the finish. I wouldn't want to miss any of these new exciting things she does!

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Keeley said...

Thanks for sharing! Not a lot of women share the day-to-day of being a SAHM. It's a tough choice. I wish there were more blog posts about the pros and cons.