Kiley is 9 Months!

Kiley 9 months old already! I can't believe how fast time really goes when you have a baby.

You are doing SO many new things and it's all happening so fast! The biggest milestone this month is that you are CRAWLING, like really crawling, Mommy has to post a video of it. No more of your silly belly flop, army crawl. You've got it down pact and everyday you are getting faster. You have also discovered you can stand and find it quite fun to do it every chance you get. You are really interested in walking and getting the hang of it on your walker. It's so funny to look at you because you aren't this little baby anymore, your this little person! You love to wave, you wave when when say Hi and Bye, you're so smart! You love to pull your self up on things, it takes a lot of concentration, but you can get it. You just started this new thing this week, where you do the downward dog Pilate pose, not sure if you are tying to a head stand or what =)

Mommy is still trying to get you to say "Mamama" but you are still stuck on saying "Dadada." Our conversations have been going like this, Mommy say's "Mamama," Kiley says "Dadada", Daddy days "Mamama" and Kiley responds, "DaDa, then blows raspberries" It's so stinking cute!

You are eating a lot of new things, like big people crackers. You tried some pasta. You are loving all of the home made food Mommy makes for you. No teeth yet, but we are just enjoying that gummy smile a little longer. You love Puggie and her doggie tags, that's your favorite thing to get after. You are no longer interested in any of your own toys, you want everything but them!

I don't have your official 9 months stats, but we go to the pedi this week, so I'll update the post with that information!

Daddy and I love watching you grow so much everyday Kiley bug!


Keeley said...

Happy 9 months, Kiley!!! I loved the "Dadada" story!

Emily Malloy said...

She gets more beautiful each day!