Some Awesome Easy Freebies

All For You Magazine had some great ways to snag some easy freebies:
  1. Calls on your smartphone-If your cell phone has Wi-Fi Access, download the free Skype App Linkto call any friend in your network without using the minutes in your plan.
  2. Editing photos-you don't need to get expensive programs, use Picnik.com to edit your photos, you can crop, re size, rotate, and add special effects, fonts and more.
  3. Faxing-use Faxzero.com, you can fax an online document for free to any fax machine.
  4. Do you need to file your paperwork or electronic files need to be organized, visit box.net, where you can safely store up to 50 GB. You can access the files from anywhere, with a touch of a button.
  5. Need stationary? Type "free printable stationery"into Google images and search and get a dozen of designs. Find more at freeprintablestationery.net and squidoo.com.
  6. Use shopittome.com, searches for your favorite stores daily for on-sale clothes in your size and then emails it to you.
  7. Pandora.com, let's you create your own radio station and listen for free.
  8. Can't get out to a gym, use exercise TV on demand! Free workout programs!