Kiley is 12 Months!

Sorry this post is a few days late, but we've been enjoying the birthday girl's big day of turning one!

So hard to believe you are 12 months. This past year has FLOWN by, I now know why everyone tells you to enjoy the first year because it flies by. You never really believe anyone that tells you that until you go through the process of having your own child.

You've grown so much this past year and learned so much. So what have you done in the past month? Well you've began walking, you aren't too sure to be on your own but you can totally do it. You just know you can get somewhere faster by crawling, so you chose to crawl.

You are saying SO many words, its pretty unbelievable that a little 1 year old can say so much. So far your vocabulary consist of: hey, hello, hi, bye, yea, yep, woo, whoa, dada, daddy, mama, mom, double, baby, bubble, yay, and no.

You totally are over baby food, you only want people food. You are almost off of formula and only on regular whole milk, just a few more days. The past week you started barking like a dog and sometimes will do it on command, it's SO cute. You are still napping and sleeping at night like a champ. Just about everyday we go to the pool and you love the water, you are just like Daddy and Mommy when they were little.

You love to play peek-a-boo and find everything funny, you even try to make everyone else laugh. You learned how to push the stool in the kitchen to the stove and turn on the burners! So needless to say Mommy fixed that quick.

You still love everyone to pay attention to you, no matter where we go, you will yell at someone till they look at you and talk to you! You got your ears pierced a few weeks ago and it looks super cute!

This year has been amazing watching you grow into a little toddler. Can't wait to see what the next whole year brings!

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