Be Thankful

Even though Thanksgiving is over, we do have a lot to be thankful for, even though our economy sucks right now. I saw this on one of my blogs I read daily. I thought it was worth sharing.

1) Food prices have gone up a lot, but yet we are all still mostly able to have a full table spread in front of us, and even leftovers afterwards.

2)Home foreclosures are not uncommon these days, but most of us are still able to be in a warm house to be around family and friends.

3)Credit is hard to find these days, but yet we are all able to find a way to give our selves a Thanksgiving dinner.

4)Gas this time last year was an average of 4.00, at least this year it's an average of 2.00 and we are all able to drive and see family and friends.

5)Many people have been laid off, but yet we still have enough money to supply a thanksgiving feast.

Despite all of this, we are lucky.

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