Bad, Bad Green Bean!

I love green beans. They are my favorite veggie! But today my green bean plant is a bad, bad plant! I was tending to our garden, picking off the many wonderful veggies that have harvested, and the prickly part of the green been plant, bit my arm! Did it really bite me, no, but I accidentally rubbed my arm against it. If you aren't sure what I mean, see this picture(not my plant, but you can see what I mean).
So, I come inside and wash my hands and all of a sudden I start to get this huge welt on my arm where the plant rubbed against it. The only thing I can see, is that because I'm allergic to raw green beans(if you re-call I have a raw veggie/fruit allergy to some). Here is a pic of my arm, don't mind the mole on my arm, it's tiny, but in this picture it looks HUGE:

Weird, huh, any ideas?

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