A Few Updates

Just a few updates to keep everyone up to date on what's going on in our life!

First, since everywhere we go we get asked when we are having babies. We've decided, well more me then Chris, he's ready now. That will are not going to TTC until after the new year. I really want to enjoy our first year of marriage with Chris and the pug! Also, with going to St.Lucia in December, I'd rather not be pregnant there!

Oh yeah, St. Lucia you say, what? when? We are going to St. Lucia for our one year anniversary trip December 26 to January 2. We were originally going to go to Nevis, but when we went to book the trip the flights went up over $1,000 per ticket, I'll post another blog on St. Lucia later on.

Lastly and probably the most important/more serious one is Puggie. Most of you know we've been having trouble or I should say Puggie has been having trouble with her left leg/knee. Originally we thought it was Lyme's disease, so we took her to the vet to get tested and that came back negative. Thankfully. From there on, we were at my parent's house and we figured she'd just played with the cat too much and hurt her leg, so we took her to the vet again(we've been going there at least once every two weeks). They put her on a pain pill to manage the pain.
Well that wasn't working either. After she lays down or sits down for awhile, she is unable to get up on her own. When she is able to get up, she sits right back down because of the pain. Then we have to help her get her knee into place so she is able to walk. She hasn't been her self either. You know she always follows me where I ever I go and she hasn't been doing that, especially if I go the stairs because of the pain she gets, so we've been carrying her around a lot, and trust me she loves it! She's on complete bed rest, which I know you are probably saying how the heck do you do that in a dog. Basically she isn't allowed for any walks, besides to go to the bathroom and she isn't allowed to play with her doggie friends. The good part though is that she isn't gaining weight she's actually losing! She is now 25.5 pounds which helps with the pressure she puts on the knee! 3.5 pounds to go and she will be at her goal weight! She's really lethargic and not the little happy go lucky pug we know, so we took her back to the vet. It was easy to rule a broken bone or a fracture because there was no crying or yelping when getting up.

The vet diagnosed her with a luxating patella. What the heck is that you are probably saying, well basically it is, that her knee falls out of place because the groove of her knee cap isn't deep enough(dislocation). It's pretty gross, I got to feel it. Chris didn't want too, but I wanted to see exactly what the vet was talking about. She didn't even do x-rays because she is so sure of what it is. So the vet gave us some Rimadyl, which is an anti-inflammatory for doggies. She also told us to put her on daily dose of glucosamine and watch her for 2 weeks, with complete bed rest. Well it's been two weeks and it's not getting better, it's getting worse.

So our primary vet, who we love, and if you are in South Jersey, I so recommend going to Greenfields Veterinary. They just opened up their brand new building which is a dream compared to their old location. Everything is new and state of the art. Puggie loves the scale you walk on for some reason. As soon as we walk in she hobbles over to it every time and stands on it.

Anyways, she is sending is to Delaware to a Surgeon for Doggies. We go to Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware next Friday for our consultation with the doggie surgeon. We don't have the total coast of the whole surgery yet, but it's roughly around $4,000. Yep, that much. But if it's going to help Puggie walk better, feel better and be her self, it's definitely wroth it for us.

So that's where we stand now with Puggie. I'll update everyone after our appointment next Friday.

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