Running Update

I thought this image of this guy running was funny. Anyways, a running update!

I'm running 10 minutes straight!! I know for you runners out there that's nothing! But I am finally running 10 minutes straight, walking 1 minute, running 10 minutes again, walking 1 minute and finishing the cycle with an 8 minute run. For a total of 30 minute workout, running 28 minutes and walking 2!

It's going to get more challenging when I get higher up, because instead of increasing the time only by one minute every two weeks, you increase it by 2 minutes each time!

I'm getting there my final goal is running 30 minutes straight, once I can do that, then I'll be looking for 5k's to sign up for.

But running in August in this area stinks. I have to get up at like 6:15 AM-ish, just to beat the heat and humidity!

Happy Running!


Jenn said...

Congrats!!!! That's a huge milestone!!

Berly said...

I can't even walk 10 minutes loll... congrats girl!