Today's Workout

I was talking to one of my friend tonight, Kim aka Geo. It reminded me to post something that I wanted to post earlier today but forgot! So thanks Geo!

This morning's run was a bit rough, though I did complete it, it was a bit hard. As I was running I thought at first it was because I hadn't run since last Wednesday. Then I thought, well I didn't get enough sleep last night either, and it was super humid/hot out already at 8 am this morning. Then I got to thinking more and knew that wasn't the problem. Yes, it's hard to keep up consistency in running when you do take a few days off, but the real problem was the food I consumed this weekend.

I had a lot of empty calories. What are empty calories you maybe asking your self? Well basically, if you don't know, empty calories come from foods that have high calories, are high in fats and really don't provide you with any nutritional value. Empty calories don't fill you so you want more, they also quickly add up in the pounds department if you go nuts.

I had A LOT, as I said this weekend. Like Cold Stone Creamery, cake batter with some gummi bears, 2 bear claws, applesauce spice bars, pizza, wings, cheese fries, Ben and Jerry's ice cream(are you kidding me!?) I haven't eaten like that in WEEKS, like 20 weeks! Which is fine from time to time, we all have some bad days on the eating train, and it's just important to get back on track, which I did today!

Your body needs substantial, nutritional calories to preform at a level where you don't feel run down or exhausted in your first ten minutes of any exercise.

I am glad that I'm able to see why my run/exercise wasn't great today and that I'm able to fix it without a problem!

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Berly said...

no problem lol
also I figured out that my pringles were only 4 points! I feel better about myself :)