2 hours later

And I officially changed my name!!! I finally went to the Social Security Office and changed my last name. There are sure some shady characters in that place. I was a little scared and texted Chris that, and he's like don't kid about that, I'm like no really I am. People were screaming at the workers and when I mean screaming, like cursing left and right because they couldn't get whatever they needed. I sat there for 2 hours it was annoying. I could tell when my number was finally called the person who helped me was relieved a bit that I had everything already filled out, once I got the counter I was out within 5 minutes. I then tried to go to the DMV but apparently their computers were down since yesterday, so I have to go back another day and probably wait there for a few hours! But at least I'm halfway done with changing my name, finally!

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