We went to Boston for Chris's birthday present! We love Boston and have been there before. Though it was freezing we still had a great time. Friday night we got to spend some time with Jason and Carrie and their 4 kiddies. They are so cute! Then we met up with my friend Jess and her husband James. Saturday we did the Beer Fest, which is the main reason we went to Boston. It was a lot of fun. Chris and James had a great time. Though, I'm not a huge beer drinker I still had fun. Some of the beer types were crazy, such as one called the uber goober, it was a peanut butter and oatmeal beer. Chris found a favorite he really like called Mad Elf. It's actually brewed at a brewery in Harrisburg, PA, so we plan to take a trip out there sometime soon! After the beer fest we went to dinner with Grimace, Sarah, Geo, Shelley, Jess and James...yes a few knotties made it to Boston!! We went to this place called the Sunset Grille, they have over 112 beers on tap. I had two I really liked one was called Purple Haze and the second one was called Sam Adams Blackberry. After dinner we went to a bar and then headed down to Faneuil Hall. We walked past McCormick and Schmick(an AW for Chris and I), we had one of our "first" romantic dates there. Haha. Then we went to the same bar called Hennessey's that last time Chris and I came to Boston he chipped my tooth! But no problems this time. We had a great time and Chris had a great birthday and now he's 28!

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Brittany said...

Purple Haze is awesome! I am glad you tried a Louisiana beer!