Snack Review: Kozy Shack Sugar Free

I love rice pudding I could it all the time but it's not that calorie friendly! At the grocery store last week I found Kozy Shack Sugar Free Rice Pudding.

It's made with splenda and I'm not a fan of splenda, I love Truvia. So the splenda taste bothered me a bit, but not enough to not make me like this. What would go even better with it would be a small dallop of whipped cream!

The size of the container is just enough as well! It only has 90 calories in it! It also has 3 grams of fiber! I definitely recommend this as a great mid-day snack! I had it for lunch with a slice of watermelon!


I sprinkled a bit of cinnamon on the rice pudding today and it was AWESOME. Not to mention cinnamon is a super food!!!

Also, for my gluten free friends, this product is!!

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