Kiley is 1 month!

So hard to believe Kiley is one month already!!I can't believe you have been outside my belly already for a month! Everyone said it flies by and it totally did little munchkin! We don't go for Kiley's 1 month appointment till next Monday, so I will update you with her stats then! Anyways, this first month has been a total learning process for Daddy, Mommy, Puggie and you! We are starting to get to know one another, I'm starting to learning your cries and what they mean. I love that you love to cuddle all the time, it's so hard to put you down to get something done, but you can't be held all the time! I love the little squeaking noises you make when you are sleeping. I love the way you stretch after you wake up, it's quite the production, if anyone has seen it, they know what I mean! You are starting to learn how to do some things, you love to grasp things, you are becoming so much more alert, following things with your eyes. You love the baby rattle application on my i-phone. You love to look at your grass and flowers when you are getting your diapered changed. You love looking up at your bird moblie in your crib. We are still working on your sleeping at night time, but you will eventually let Mommy and Daddy enjoy their night time sleeping hours! Puggie is starting to become ok with you being in our house, haha! She likes to smell your little toes! You did awesome on your first road trip to the cottage! We think we have seen your first smile, but we aren't sure yet! I can't wait to see how much you grow in this next month!

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