50 Free Christmas Cards!

Attention Bloggers:

If you haven't already heard, Shutterfly is giving away 50 free Christmas Photo Cards to bloggers. I typically send out regular Christmas cards, but since we have our little family of four, we are going to send out a photo card. It's a great way to show everyone your family, especially your children! I've used shutterfly many of times to make cards, photo books and even invitations! You can do just about anything with shutterfly! So when I saw this promotion I couldn't resist.
We just got our family picture taken this weekend for our photo card, I haven't picked out exactly what we want yet, but here are a few of my favorites:
First Choice
I like this one a lot because it's a card as well and you can create your own personal message.

Second Choice
This one is great too.

Third Choice
I love the size of the photo in this one!

When you get a chance check out Shutterfly.com, they have so many great products for all your photo needs!
Go to this website and fill it out for your 50 free cards!

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