Becoming A Mommy!

It's hard to write what becoming a parent does to someone, how it changes you, or even how it shapes you. But somehow without any training you just become one. It's instinct, it's natural. Before Kiley was born Chris and I often had many conversations on what we would do when an situation(ugh, every time I hear this word, I think of the "Situation,")would arise. But now that she is here, we don't even talk about what to do, we just do. So weird.

I think part of it comes from our upbringing. We both had awesome parents. My mom's world revolved around me, I was very spoiled and still am spoiled by my Mom, as is Kiley too =) Same with Chris's Mom as well. I'm glad that I'm able to give Kiley all that I have. Before Kiley was born, we had so much time to our selves, and do things that couples do without kids. You know when you are going to have a baby that you are going to have to give that stuff up somewhat, and you always wonder how you are going to cope with it, but I can honestly say I'm 100% ok with giving up my non-baby life. I'm totally content with my world revolving around Kiley. I'm never thought I'd be ok with someone being so dependent on me, because it's a huge responsibility, but I'm totally ok with it. It's my new life and I love it.

Sometimes I just look at Kiley and am still amazed, as I'm sure I will be the rest of our lives. I can just stare at her and watch her smile and now giggle at me for hours! I never thought I could love something so much.

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