Kiley is 3 months!

See how I've grown:

Last night Kiley started off being 3 months by giving us a giggle! You are another month older you little stinker! It's hard to believe 3 months ago you came into our world and it was almost 100 degrees outside and today when you turn three months old, we are dressed for winter! Your starting to talk as soon as we look at you. You to love to sit at the table with us when we eat dinner in your bumbo seat! The past couple of weeks you've really started to like the song, Wheels on the bus, you want Mommy to sing it all the time! We are still getting Daddy to sing to you, but he is being silly and say's he can't sing baby songs, but sometimes when Mommy isn't in the same room she hears him singing to you. You are becoming more aware of Puggie and wondering what that fur ball is! You notice people coming in and out of the room now, so we always have to make sure we talk to you or you get upset if you are in your swing and can't see us! You are finally interested in trying to lift your head up, while you hate tummy time, you like to turn your whole body around! You are still an awesome sleeper, sleeping from about 9-6 then eating your breakfast and going back to snuggle with Mommy till about 8:30! I can't wait to see what this month holds for you and what you are going to learn!

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mel said...

Happy 3 months Kiley! Lexie's only a day behind her :)
(love how you wrote the post to her- I may have to try that!)