12 Ways to Save This Month

I read this article in this month's Parents Magazine and I though it was worth sharing. Did you know that the average family will spend about $150,000 on their little bambinos?

  1. Be stroller smart. There's no need to spend $800 bucks on a ride when you can get a decent one for 200. It's not like the designer models have anti-lock brakes.
  2. When on a family vacation, rent a house instead of a hotel room. You'll save a bundle and make sure it has a kitchen to trim restaurant bills.
  3. Turn your home into a preschool. Many preschools now accept 2 year olds. But hold off for a year and you'll save thousands in tuition.
  4. Cut your kids hair. A salon visit can set you back $25 bucks or more. But you can trim their hair easily at home. You need a spray bottle, sharp scissors or clippers and a comb to clear loose hairs from their face and neck.
  5. Shift your hours. For two income families, paying for daycare or a babysitter probably takes the single biggest chunk out of your budget. Instead see whether your employers allow for flexible hours. Some couples eliminate child care expenses by arranging for one spouse to work evenings while the other toils during the day.
  6. Pick "pre-owned" clothing and gear. Shopping clearance racks can save money. Look for bargains at consignment shops or garage sales, host a clothing swap party or trade with moms across the country via thredup.com. Just don't buy a used car seat or crib.
  7. Breastfeed. Mother's milk isn't just better for your baby. It's a lot cheaper then formula too. Nursing a child isn't exactly free of course. You'll probably need nursing bras, nursing pads and a breast pump.
  8. Make your baby food by hand. Tired of paying $1.00 a jar for mashed carrots? Puree fruits and veggies yourself. Your baby can eat most of what you do, as long as you wait four to six months to start her on solids.
  9. Know the first rule of baby shopping. Buy big ticket nursery items, such as a crib, a dresser or a rocker at a general purpose or discount furniture store. You'll often save 20 to 30 percent.
  10. Brush away dental bills. A single filling costs up to $300 bucks. Prevent cavities by brushing your child's teeth twice a day until she has the dexterity to do it own their own. Begin flossing a soon as teeth touch. And book your first dentist visit before they turn 1.
  11. Give meaningful gifts. When your friend has a baby, get her something she can really use; a home cooked-meal. Deliver a pan of lasagna and a salad to her door one night. You can also offer to babysit so she can catch a movie.
  12. Buy in bulk. Reduce your disposable diaper bills by purchasing mega size packages at clubs or amazon.com.

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