Protect Your Program Day 6

Face the truth, no one will really care about your weight loss program as you. So it's your job to protect it from people or events from pulling you off track. For instance, yesterday I attended the Phillies game, and had to get crab fries, but instead of eating a whole container my self, the husband and I split it. I just watched what I ate the rest of the day as well. It was pretty easy!

Instead of depending on others to help you be successful with your diet, make it a commitment that you will protect your program. Watch for ways to see and avoid situations that might cause you to weaken. Rather then assume you'll be all to resist a large blue raspberry gelati at Rita's! (Hey, I got fat-free custard last night!)

When you are around others, try this:
If you feel pressured to eat something, pushing away the food pusher by hinting that you will eat later. If someone offers you food, respond by say, "Not just yet, I'm going to wait a while."
If they ask again, repeat the phrase. Saying not yet, gives you a way to not eat when you don't want to eat. The pushy person will leave you alone because you are telling them you will eat later.

It's always best to avoid getting caught up in conversations about dieting and weight loss. When people ask you how you're losing weight, simply tell them you are following a healthy eating program. This I find hard, because it's something we all talk about and for me it's encouaging to talk about my program with others to to hear theirs.

Finally, protect your program during long, empty times such as evenings or weekends when it's easy to start looking for food. Stay busy by planning activities or pulling out some good books.

Today's assignment:
  • Watch for chances to respond to food invitations by using the line, "Not yet, I'm going to wait a little while."
  • Identify at least three high risk times or events such as family gathering or weekends. In your notebook write down how you'll protect your diet program during each.
  1. Graduation Party I attending yesterday I had a small piece of cake instead of eating the bigger slices that were already cut. I cut my own piece.
  2. Weekends-This past weekend we ordered pizza for dinner, instead of eating the heavy crust I ordered a flatbread for my self.
  3. Phillies Game-Instead of eating a whole container of crab fries my self, I split it with the husband.
  • Do at least one thing today that reinforces your determination to protect your program at all costs.
  1. Our A/C is broken(yes, in 90+ degree weather) I could be drinking all the yummy sweet frozen drinks or eating ice cream, but I'm not, I'm drinking nice cold water!

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Keeley said...

I love drinking water. I've found that it's much easier for me to get my recommended daily intake of fruits and veggies now that they are both in season and affordable.

The best think I did this summer was to reconnect with an old friend who is also trying to get in shape. We both joined the YMCA and we have at least one fitness date per week. We've been trying different classes (spinning, AquaZumba, etc.) every week and encouraging eachother on Facebook. Our focus isn't purely on weight loss, but it's on fitness and general health.

I recommend finding a fitness buddy who has similar goals.