Help Me, Please

Do you ever wish you could get more help from the people that surround you? Don't you wish they know exactly what you wanted them to say?
To get support instead of criticism from people you love, you may have to train them. Instead of begging. Clarify what you want and be specific. Decide what type of support you truly need. Do you want words of encouragement? Silence? Help with cooking meals?
Instead of being angry and frustrated because people don't do these things, let them know how they can help you.
Speak up about the challenges of leftovers or open pizza boxes. Maybe you wish family members would eat their snacks in another room instead in front of you. If so, then tell them. Set up agreements with your support people by saying, "It will help me if, you.." followed by what you want them to do.
Also be sure to let people now things you don't want them to say or do. Let people know which type of comments feel good to you compared to the ones that make you feel uncomfortable.

Today's Assignment:
  • In your journal, write a list of things people are always welcome to say or do in regard to your weight-loss efforts:
  1. Offer compliments, offer to exercise with me, encourage me when I hit a goal
  • Create another list of things that you don't ever want people to do:
  1. Give me lectures on what I shouldn't be eating or should be eating
  2. Tell me that I really need to work out
  3. Tell me, remember when you lost all that weight before, you should be like that
  • Read both list to your support people including your spouse, children and best friends.

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Emily Malloy said...

This is helpful. Never thought of something like that.