Kiley is 11 months!

11 months, wow! I can't believe that in one month Kiley will already be a year old. It's so hard to believe how fast that year goes. The other night Chris and I were watching videos of her and couldn't believe how much she's grown. We were watching videos of her when she was 3 months old and just sort of laid there and every once and while said some baby gibberish. And then we watched her first giggle video, and it's just as cute then as now.

Anyways, this month has been fun, just like all the rest Miss. Kiley. You are getting SO big. Your hair is starting to come in thick, you may even have enough to get a first haircut when you turn one, because your bangs are so long! Mommy has to brush them to the side so they stay out of your face. Your hair is also starting to turn a lighter blonde. We go to the swimming pool everyday and you love to stand in your float and walk all around. You love to play with your little friends there and steal their toys =).

You love to use your walker to walk around the house. You also like to push anything you can to help you walk, like the kitchen chairs. Mommy can't tell you how many times a day she has to put the chairs back because Kiley likes to push them. You also want to walk but can't quite get the balance yet, though last night you took one tiny step towards Mommy. As soon as you realize no one has your hands you say the heck with it and sit down! You also like to play with Puggie's food and water bowl. Last night you hid Puggie's food bowl in the cooler, you silly girl! You still like to dump Puggie's water bowl also, a ton.

You love to eat grown up food, like meatballs, babybel cheese, goldfish pretzels, any kind of meat. Grandma even gave you a sneak peek at some ice cream weekend, you looked like you'll be just like Mommy and love it! Last night Daddy made you a turkey burger with cheddar on it, he spoiled you! =) You love to be outside and explore the grass, and also pull it and try to eat it, yucky!

Each new thing you do is amazing to watch. You are starting to say a lot, so far you can say, "hello, hiya, bad, no, dada and mama" Besides the typical, "eh, oh, ah". You started clapping just randomly last Saturday and you get SO excited when you do it. Love it!

One of my favorite things this month, is you give kisses and hugs now. Sometimes the kisses are super sloppy, but it melts my heart when you give your kisses and hugs. You love to give Daddy sloppy kisses on his nose. You still only have two teeth on the bottom and so far I don't see anymore coming in.

I can't believe this is your last month to be considered a baby, next month you'll be a toddler. But that doesn't matter cause you will always be Mommy and Daddy's little baby =)

Happy 11 Months Kiley!

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