Day 5 Honeymoon

So this day we decided to hang around the house for a little, enjoy the pool, mai tai's and the sun and then head off snorkeling later on. Well that little wish came true. We got locked out of our bedroom door, so we had nothing, couldn't go anywhere. We had to wait around the house for the maintence man to come to let us in. First of all, no one understands why this house has locked bedroom doors with no keys to get into. So he finally came and we decided just to keep it easy and we went to Kiholo Bay. This time we actually went to it. There is a smooth gravel road that leads to the bay, so we took it. There is a trail that you can hike as well to get to the bay. First we drove to one part of the beach and decided that we didn't like that part, so we drove down the road a bit more and once we got there we decided that we didn't like that either, so we drove back down to the beach we were just at. The main reason we came here is becaues of the sea turtles. Here is just a shot of looking south of the bay.

We decided to walk over lava fields for about 2 miles looking for turtles. I'm not sure high high the lava was, but there was coral rocks that someone had made to show you the way to go. Now it was fun, then we were complaining! Nothing in Hawaii is easy to get to, you have to walk at least a mile or more to everything, and usually travel old lava fields. Here's a pic of standing on the lava:

We turned back around after 2 miles because we didn't see any turtles and Chris kept teasing me about the turtles but I was determined to see sea turtles, so we got back into the jeep and drove back to the second part of the bay we were at. And guess what? We saw sea turtles!!!!!!

There are two pretty big houses on Kiholo Bay, one is called the "Bali House" and it was built by owns Paul Mitchell hair products. The other house is called "Queen's Bath" and the guy who owns that invented the pacemaker.
After the bay, we decided to head down to Waialea "69" beach. It's a really small beach but tucked away under some trees and rocks, it's so pretty. It's called 69 beach because it used to be a telephone pole number 69, but now it's at 71. We just went into the ocean for a bit and then stayed to watch the sunset, Chris got awesome pics.

Friday night for dinner we decided just to head over to Queen's Marketplace and pick up some quick food for dinner. We were tired!

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