Yes, I know I'm going backwards with this. But everyone keeps asking what we did on our honeymoon and for pictures, so I figured I'd make a blog post for each day and what we did. So here you go.

First Day-October 13-
-Got up at 3:45 am
-Drove to Philly Aiport, Parked car in Fast Track Parking(If you ever need to park your car long term at the airport(I suggest parking it here, they were only 83 dollars for just shy of 2 weeks).
-First flight, took off on time, landed in Phoenix, when we got there just as we were landing we were told there was a security breach at the one gate, so they weren't sure how long it was going to be till we were able to gate. Thankfully, we only sat on the plane for about 15 minutes. We then had a 2 hour layover for a next flight. We flew to Honolulu, had about an hour layover there and then flew into Kona. We got to the Big Island about about 6 their time, midnight in PA/East Coast. We then we to the rental car place and got our jeep! We drove to the house we rented, went to the grocery store where we ran into a local and he told us of numerous places to go eat, so we chose the one called Sansei, it was a asian/american bristo, pretty good, there sushi was amazing! Afterwards we went back to the house because at this point we were up for 24 hours. The waiter even told us that we looked like zombies. Some pics:

Looking up in the mountains at the car rental place...the VOG here, this is what they call FOG, get's really bad later in the day. The ocean temp goes up and when the wind blows it heats up the lava and creates a VOG.

Chris driving us to our hale(house):

Ok so there is day one! Stay tuned for day 2!

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