I am a bride

Another girl on the knot did this and I thought it was pretty funny..so I made it my own.

I am a bride.
My dining room and house looks like fall came three seasons to early.
I have no nooks and crannies that are not taken over with wedding things.
I have lists of lists of things and things still aren't all checked off.

I am a bride.
Junk food has not touched my lips in 6 months.
I look at my picture of me and my dress constanly as a reminder.
The first thing I want to eat after the wedding is McDonald's french fries(funny thing is I hate McDonald's, but those satly greasy fries..mmm.

I am a bride.
I cry at the drop of a hat.
My stress level is through the roof.
I don't really sleep and I have this eye twitch thing going on.

I am a bride.
Every so often, I wonder if all this hassel is worth it, or if we should have eloped.
I no longer expect perfection, but would settle for mediocrity.

I am a bride.
In eight days, I will do the scariest, most wonderful thing I have ever done in my life so far.
In nine days, I will lay on a beach with my new husband and laugh at everything I thought was a big deal.

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