Since Fall is here are some random facts about Apples!

  1. Apples will stay crisp in the refrigerator for up to 3 months. If you have limited space in a crisper drawer, store in an open cardboard box in a cool place like your garage or basement.
  2. Apple picking season is generally from the beginning of September through the first week in November. Find an orchard near you at pickyourown.org.
  3. Look for the most bright colored apples with a firm, crisp skin.
  4. To pick an apple, palm it in your hand and pull upward. Twisting and yanking might disturb neighboring apples because them to fall and bruise.
  5. Apples release a gas called ethylene that speeds their ripening. If the produce is to tart for your taste, let the fruit sit on the counter in a brown paper bag for a couple of days, allowing it to sweeten and mellow.
  6. Pick fruit from the outer, most sun-kissed sections of the tree. The shadier area close to trunk ripens later.

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