Puggie's Home!

I'm going to *try* to do weekly updates on Puggie's progress, so that others who may have a dog needing the same surgery have places to read on what to expect, etc. Chris and I searched and searched for more personal experiences and only found a few. So I'm hoping this will someday hope someone.

So, Puggie is home. She came home last night around 7:30. She looked ok, pretty drugged up though. She gave a few kisses and was anxious to get out of the car. She is drinking like crazy, but I'm sure, because just like in humans, when we go under an IV or anesthesia, afterwords your pretty thirsty for some reason.

She's actually trying to walk on her little leg, which she isn't suppose to do be doing quite as much as she is. But, on the other hand that is a good sign, just because we hope she will hopefully recover sooner. We were afraid that she'd be a baby and not even walk on it(if you know the pug, she tends to be a drama queen!)

Here is a picture of her incision:

Doesn't she look silly with a shaven leg? She also has two front shaven legs, where the IV's where.

Here's a small video of her walking, remember this is her first day home surgery just yesterday.
Most dog don't even put any pressure on the foot.

A second video of her eating her dinner, don't mind our messy house, it's been one of those weeks!

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