Pug's Surgery

As most of my readers know, Puggie had to have surgery on her left knee. She has what is a called a luxating patella. Basically her knee doesn't fit into the socket properly causing it to pop out at any given time.

Today she had her surgery. At first the Dr. Cofone thought she had torn some cartilage as well, but when he opened her little leg today he saw that she actually also had a torn ligament besides the luxating patella. So they placed two pins into her knee and basically spooned out her knee cap to make the groove bigger. So she is all fixed.

She's still at the doggie hospital in Delaware and will be there over night till later tomorrow evening when Chris picks her up.

It's going to be a long road, as it is an 8 week recovery period, with just about 24/7 crating the first few weeks, if we aren't home. When we are home, she will be out with us, but she basically isn't allowed to use the leg for a few weeks. I'll update everyone tomorrow once she is home.

Keep Puggie in your thoughts please!

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